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12 Week Carb Cycling Log


ok.... so I am actually on week 7 already, but better late than never :slight_smile: This is my first time doing carb cycling and I have to admit harder than I thought it was going to be. First two weeks my rotation was High Low Med Low- rotate . Week 3-4 High Low Med Low Low. Week 5-6 High Low Low Med Low Low. and the my nightmare happened.... Week 7 (current) Med Low Low.... NO HIGH DAYS. haha. At first I wanted to punch my nutritionist.... but I guess I will survive. So far I have lost 12.8 pds, so pretty steady on dropping 2pds a week.


trying to drop 10-15 more pds in the next couple weeks.

8am: 7egg whites and 1/3cup oats 3g fish oils
11am: same
2pm: 3 3/4oz turkey breast 2 cups charred 1tbsp natural peanut butter 3g fish oils
5pm: 3 3/4oz turkey breast 2cups pickled (don't judge) 1tbsp natural peanut butter 3g fish oils
9pm: 3/34 os turkey breast 14 almonds.

My dude has me on doing just cardio instead of weights, so today I did a barre method class. That's a cray workout if you have ever done or heard of it....



Today was a Medium day.... yay!

Morning: protien shake .... vanilla BARF not a fan. and 1/2 cup oats
11am: 1/3 cup oats and 1can tuna from water with spicy mustard and half slice pickle chopped up yum...
330pm : 3 3/4oz turkey breast and 3 rice cakes
6pm: 3 3/4oz turkey breast 2cups charred and 14 almonds
8pm: 3 3/4 oz turkey and spicy mustard with 14 almonds.

Day off of cardio. Really craving sweets or even fruit UGH.....I am retaining water right now which made my weight go up for today. I need to only weigh once a week but I do like everyday and need to stop.

Happy Friday peeps! Time to go out! :slight_smile:


How much water do you drink in a day?


I drink water a lot throughout the day. I don't really count, but i have a big brita container that I fill up a couple times during the day.


started off strong...

730am: 7egg whites 3 rice cakes
1030am: 3 3/4 oz turkey breast 3 rice cakes
2:30pm: 3 3/4oz turkey breast 1bsp spicey mustard 4 slices of pickles and 14 almonds

it was such a beautiful day and first day off in a long time. Had 2 beers and thai food. Woke up still full. UGH so bad. Time to buckle down these last 5 weeks.... almost bikini season! AHHH


Did my weigh in this morning and I am 1.2pds heavier. Bums me out since I eat like a bird all day long. Switching to all low days, with a hour of cardio and hopefully this week I will have a good drop


been slacken on the posts.... finally my water weight is gone.... 184 to 182.4

since i am on my low days I have worked out everyday this week and meal plans have been pretty much the same... here is today so far....

8am: 3 3/4oz turkey breast and 3 rice cakes . 3g fish oils
8:30am: hr cardio workout
11am: 7egg whites 1/3 cup oats with 3 splenda packets and cinnamon . 3g fish oils
2pm: 3 3/4 oz turkey breast 2 cups veggies (mushrooms and cucumbers with garlic salt) tbsp peanut butter. 3g fish oils.

I heard that green coffee bean extract is supposed to be awesome. Does anyone know/tried this?

530pm will be same as 2pm meal.
7pm will just be 3 3/4oz turkey breast and 14 almonds. It's an exciting day... :slightly_smiling:


I'm surprised your low days include oats and the rice cakes. Granted, a lot of the carb value there is fibre but I thought it would be a lot more green veggies for the low days. What are your macros supposed to break down to on your low, medium and high days? Just curious.


I guess I'm just not carb sensitive. high days was
6 meals
1. 30g carbs 22 gprotein
2. same
3. 20g carbs 22 gprotein
4. same
5. same
6. 22g protein unlimited veggies

med. days are 5 meals kinda similar.

the low days is a total of 40g carbs. I keep the carbs clean.




Well down 2.4 more pds....

weight: 180.0

Morning: 7egg whites 1/3cup oats 3fish oils 2green tea caps
12:30: 3 3/4 oz turkey breast 4tbsp salsa 3 rice cakes.



no sense is what that makes.


yea not sure... what would u suggest haha


A mix of cardio and weights. Cardio is definitely good for helping to lose weight, but you NEED to do some weightlifting in order to keep any muscle you have right now.

Your muscles are an easier source of energy for your body to use than fat is. If you're on a cardio machine all the time, and your every day life isn't that physically intense, your body will eat away at your muscle mass a lot more than it will your fat stores. Use it or lose it. That's why there are skinny fat cardio bunnies.

Do some bodybuilding style weightlifting. Nothing too intense, but go for volume. Make sure your body knows that it NEEDS the muscle you have. And if you add a little bit more, there's nothing wrong with that. It'll increase your metabolism and help with the weight loss.

My two cents.


Make that 4 cents.

This, this is what I think ^ .

I stumbled across this youtube vid the other day. They're silly but make good points:


Yes yes... i know i must start lifting weights. he just told me he's trying to lean me out as much as possible before i do that. and my meal plans seem to be working. I'm down to 173.6


Also lifting burns calories for a longer period of time...even when you are done. Also just having muscle burns calories...so pack more of the good stuff on! WIN WIN!!


Wow, "lean you out" with NO weights and cardio only? (and not even like resistance type/crossfit where you use your muscles?)

TBH, I'd get rid of this guy. He doesn't know what the fff he's talking about. Cardio only burns calories. WEIGHTS are what "tone" you (aka build muscle-- FEMALE muscle, because unless you are on some serious steroids you will have a hard time looking like anything but a sleek sexy woman).

IMO, you should be doing weights s your BASE, and adding more cardio as you stall (but never exceeding 1 hr a day-- ever!). To get lean, you must lift. MUST.

  1. Watch this
  2. Learn.
  3. Get rid of trainer.
  4. Start lifting!


Well.... Shelby Starnes knows his stuff. and he was able to have me drop 21 pds. in 12 weeks. So I am happy :slightly_smiling: and I will still be doing this setup on my own, and WILL be adding in weight lifting don't worry people. LOL. lost 2.5 inches on my waist, 2 on my hips, 3.5 on my bootie and 2 around the biggest part of my thigh , 1inch off arms.