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12 Week Anavar Only Results


I'm just starting a cycle of 50mg ED of Oxanadrolone. Height-6', Weight-237lbs, BF-%18.

Been working around a shoulder injury for about a year now and am finally able to step up the training now. Please no bitching about an oral only cycle. I have done Stanazolol only in the past and had good results and no health issues.

Here's deal. I am a Endo-Meso body type and am looking for increased strength and dropping BF% at the same time. I don't need to add mass as I can put that on fairly easy with regular training but have always had a hard time losing fat and figured Oxanadrolone would be the best choice for this.

Will be adding Clen in the mix for the last 6 weeks if needed. Training will be a mix of Strength-Speed lifts and HIIT cardio. I have been lifting for 20 years and used to compete in MMA so my body is a little banged up but overall I am very healthy. I hold certifications in Sports Conditoning and Boxing. I used to train fighters also, so I know what I'm doing.

Will be posting results for anyone interested who might be in a similar situation.


I have not made the decision to do steroids, but i do enjoy reading about them and i always wanted to know how a cycle like this would result. Very interested to see where you end up.


After about 4 or 5 weeks you're going to be shutdown and you'll start feeling like shit. There's more reasons not to run oral only than just results.


sounds really dumb..

are you sure you know what you're doing? lol


Ran orals before. Never had any issues. Did you not read the post.


Yes I do.Do you know how to read? I though I asked for no negative comments but I guess some people just feel the need to be a jackass at all times.


but you don't know what you're doing though..

don't get all pissy with me because I called your idea dumb..I told that other guy who was going to run 6 weeks of tren E 200mg 1 once a week stacked with anadrol that his idea was dumb too..


At least run a TRT dose of test with your var. And bump the var to 100mg ED for 9 weeks; 50mg isnt much for a guy your size


3 weeks in and so far so good. Weight down 5 lbs. Haven't checked BF% yet but pants fitting looser. Strength and recovery up with no sighns of shutdown or loss of libido. If anything I would say it's inreased a little bit.


Things still going good. Blood presure was getting a little high last week so I dropped down to 40mg ED and now things are fine. Recovery is great and strength still climbing as well as endurance.


Anavar is mild but still liver toxic. Im currently on a test prop / anavar cycle doing the var for 6 to 8 weeks max. I really wouldnt do it for more than 8 weeks


I would love to a prop / var cycle but living in Oz does have some downfalls including customs.


If your doing Var only, atleast bump it up to 100mg ED


Don't forget everyones body reacts differently, so when you start popping off with it will do this and it will do that, geuss what. I am interested in everyones opinion, but stop brow beating... it's boring. If a guy wants to run var, tell him how it affeted you. Don't kick his #ss. If it's a dumb idea his *ss is probably sore from being kicked alot. Inter Milan. UEFA.


did you die, you quit a 12 week log 4 weeks into it. you suck.


Nope didn't quit just got tired of the jackasses around here. Everything went fine.


Throw some before and after pics up. In think i speak for everyone when I say I'm curious