12% to a 9%

I’, currently on second cycle of EDT and Berardi’s Diet(1400 Kcal for day)…how I can breaking fat-loss plateau for to drop another couple of % points?Is good idea 800 Kcal for 3 days follwed by a day 2300-2550 ?Or…

what are you, 55lbs?

Dude…if you eat 800 Cals, you’ll lose some serious LBM. (1400 is super low as well!)

800 cals is 200 g of protein and nothing else (1g protein = 4 Cals (1 kcal= 1 Cal)) Also, 800 Cals spread through 6-8 meals a day means your eating less than 130 Cals/meal (And you better be eating at least 6 meals a day if you don’t want to be flamed here!)

If your 180lbs, and taking 1.5 g protein / lb…you should be having 270 g protein /day. Your 70 g under for this example! And you haven’t eaten anything but protein…which means you have no energy source to drive the protein into your muscles.

Furthermore, eating that low a calorie count slows your metabolism down so much that your body stops burning fat and goes into starvation mode, holding on to whatever it can (after all your not feeding it for hours on end).

Paul, your gonna have to give us your stats, but rather predictable that you’re seriously UNDEREATING, and that is why your weightloss plateaued!

Is correct doing…3 days “on”:

(if maintenance based on lean body mass is about 2400 cals)

1600-1800 cals of protein and fat.

(followed )+1 day “off”

High-carb, moderate protein
5000 (approx) cals. Basically I eat all day and eat a lot.

you gonna reply or are you one of these phantom posters?

shit talk about timing! guess who was having a bad day…

Still 2400 cals dont really align with beradis diet giudeline unless you are 100lbs (45kg). thats quite slight.

what are your stats (height weight etc)and the diet program you are on (im assuming DONT DIET)

I think that Paul means Joel’s EDT plan, not JB’s. If that is the case hook in to the specific thread on Lair of the Ice dog, that should give you some answers.
The info you have given so far is useless for anyone to help.