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12-site bodyfat measurement protocol

Hello all. I have been using the 7-site method w/ my Lange skinfold calipers for measuring my bodyfat (had been doing 3-site previously), and I read in an interview with Coach Poliquin that he uses a 12-site analysis. Does anyone know what sites are included and do you know the testing equation if there is one? I know he’s more into just keeping track of skinfold sums than putting them into the equations, but what can I say, I’m an anal bastard. I also read that he looks at ratios on the storage sites to determine if people have a problem with a particular hormone such as insulin, growth hormone, etc. Any help is appreciated.

Here is theories

Par shaped (fat ass)= high estrogen, low GH

Apple (fat stomach lean limbs)= Insulin sensitive, does not tolerate carbs well

Carrott (balanced bodyfat equal sites like Michael Jordan or Bradd Pitt) Carb tolerant does well with balanced meals and calorie restiriction to drop bf