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12 Months TRT Update

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6 months ago, my urologist prescribed 200mg Test Cypo, 1mg adex, 50,000 units of vitamin D per week. I tried once a week injections for the first couple weeks but each time I felt crashed after about 5 days. So I switched to 2 100mg injects per week and 1/2mg of Adex with each injection. I started with a T level of 304. The doc didn’t test e2 for the initial blood test. I went to my 6 month appointment today. I do my injections on Sunday morning and Wednesday night. The following labs were drawn last Wednesday before my Wednesday night injection…

Testosterone- 1424 348-1197 ng/dl
Estradiol- 12.7 8.0-35.0 hg/dl
Protien- 6.9 6.4-8.2 g/dl
Albumin- 4.3 3.4-5.0 g/dl
Billi dir -0.1 0.0-0.3 mg/dl
Ast/Sgot -32 15-37 u/l
Alt/Sgpt -44 12-78 u/l
Alk Phos- 41 50-170 u/l
Psascrn - 0.91 0.0-4.0 ng/ml
Hgb -16.5 13.5-17.2 g/dl
Hct 46.7 42-52 %

After looking at the labs he recommend 3/4 the T dose and the same dosage of adex if I continued with twice a week injections or keeping the same 200mg dosage on T and 1mg Adex & doing once a week injections. He’s fine with either. I’m leaning toward keeping the twice a week injections but I think 12 is too low on e2. It looks to me like 1/4mg of adex twice a week would put me close to where I want to be. I welcome your folks insight.

*My apologies in advance if I did the update post wrong. I wasn’t sure what to do so I just linked to the original post. Thanks

You really need to test:
PSA if older

Cut adex to 1/4mg at time of your injections and you should feel a lot better.
But reducing T by 25% then neeed adex=1/4*0.75
You will need to dissolve adex 1mg/ml vodka and count drops per ml and do dosing in by the drop increments. Might be 3-4 drops. But does depend on shape of dropper and its material and surface tension. But that will work out in the drops per ml. This is now in the stickies that are now via links in 2nd post of 1st forum topic.

Keep a single thread and things will work out. Click your name and find your posts.

Thanks KSman. Looking through my first labs, he acctually did test PSA the first time I went back in Feb. I overlooked it. I’m 41 years old

PSA 0.73 0.0-4.0

Just hit the 12 month mark on TRT and wanted to give an update and the latest lab results…

After 12 months and a bit of fine tuning I’m where I want to be. My 6 month labs my Testosterone was 1424 and my E2 was 12.7. As stated above this was the result of 200mg of Test in 2 divided doses and 1mg of adex in 2 divided doses. I wasn’t feeling my best with E2 at 12.7 so I cut the adex does to 1/4mg in divided doses. After 6 months on that dosage I achieved a raise in E2 that i’m happy with.

Labs done 8/18/16- Labs were drawn 3 1/2 days after 100mg injection and 1/4 mg of adex
Testosterone 1104 ng/dl 348-1197
LH 0.1 mIU/ml 1.7-8.6
Prolactin 10.2 ng/ml 4.0-15.2
Estradiol 17.8 pg/ml 7.6-42.6

Hemoglobin 16.6 g/dl 12.6-17.7
Hematocrit 49.8 % 37.5/51.0
Glucose, Serum 91 mg/dl 65-99

Lipid Panel-
Cholesterol 192 mg/dl 100-199
Triglycerides 132 mg/dl 0-149
HDL Cholesterol 40 mg/dl <39
VLDL Cholesterol cal 26 mg/dl 5-40
LDL Cholesterol calc 126 mg/dl 0-99
LDL/HDL Ratio 3.2 ratio units 0.0-3.6
TSH 4.570 uIU/ml 0.450-4.500
Prostate specific Ag 0.9 ng/ml 0.0-4.0
Vitamin D, 25-Hydroxy 30.8 ng/ml 30.0-100.0

Looks good! Glad you’re doing well.

But you missed TSH=4.57
This is hypothyroidism.

Vit-D25 is low, suggest 5,000iu Vit-D3 every day, 25,000iu for first 5 days.

Anastrozole over-responder, saves some costs.


  • Do you have oral body temperature data? see the sticky
  • Not using iodized salt?
  • Low energy?
  • Get cold easily?
  • Outer eyebrows sparse?

See thyroid basics sticky found here: About the T Replacement Category

Oops, I confess I’m not up on my thyroid stuff.

Ill get body temp data together for you this weekend. I have a few 50,000iu Vit d2 left and then im switching to D3 mainly for cost. I’ll start the suggested protocol immediately. I do have sparse outer eyebrows but thats the only symptom I notice. I use iodized salt at home but I eat out often and noticed restaurants rarely use it any more. Would an iodine supplement help? Or should i gather temp data first? Thanks KSMAN

Lets see the temps.

Iodine alone might be a bad idea. Need selenium to prevent free radical damage to thyroid that may lead to auto-immune thyroid problems. See the sticky!

Full labs would be:
fT4 [not T3, T4]
might test thyroid antibodies at some point for auto-immune disease

HDL limits were backwards too.

You take any other meds or supplements?
Any health issues?

My doctor said he’d like to see my bad cholesterol lower and the good higher. He recommended Red Yeast Rice to lower it. I bought some of that today. I also take Metamucil daily as well as an 81mg aspirin and 2500mcg of B12. Aside from some occasional benadryl or pseudoephedrine for allergies i’m not on any other medication. I’ll get with you on the temps tomorrow and read the thyroid sticky as well. Thanks for your help!

Did my first set of body temps today. Both done with a manual mercury free thermometer-

630am- 97.6

110pm- 98.9

Second set of temps-

630am 97.5

345pm 98.4

Temps looking OK, could be better if we trust the thermo.

Red rice yeast contains https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lovastatin
With generics, you can get Rx lowest dose lovastatin and take EOD for less cost than red rice caps. Note if energy drops or sore muscles - sign of statin induced CoQ10 deficiency.

TRT often lowers total cholesterol - does not change HDL
Ditto correcting thyroid levels.
Exercise reduces/burns LHL and triglycerides

Total cholesterol 192 looks fine to me. I would try the nutrients and skip the statin. In any case, 180 is ideal and <160 is associated with increased all-cause mortality. Some with very high cholesterol do not have CV problems and some with low cholesterol do. It is really all about your endothelial health and the way that cholesterol penetrates this one cell thick barrier - something that nutrients can improve, as well as higher T levels and E2 levels as recommended.

Increase HDL:
fish oil
DHEA if low
Vit-D3 5000iu
high potency B-complex multi-vits with no iron and iodine+selenium and other trace elements

High dose of niacin can increase HDL and decrease tryglicerides. Be aware that high doses of niacin may cause liver damage.

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I’ll keep an eye on temps at random and get the full thyroid labs if I get any low temps. I had already bought the red yeast rice (I got a bottle of 240 for $15) but i’ll probably go the rx route when they are gone. The pills are pretty big and they weigh so little that they get stuck to the roof of my mouth as soon as a take a drink. I’m tired of taking them already lol. I’m going to pick up some B complex multi-vits as well. Thanks for your help and input Ksman.