12 Month to Fitness Show, Who Can Help?

You’ve got a solid frame, upper body-wise at least. Some funky posture issues though. Ever had an injury to one side/should/neck, etc.? Should consider sorting that out at some point so things don’t get worse and cause bigger issues.

This is a straight-forward muscle building plan, similar to what bodybuilders have done for decades: A Tried and True Bodybuilding Program Template - Bigger Stronger Leaner - COMMUNITY - T NATION

And start implementing these tips to get those legs fixed: 7 Tips for Long-Legged Lifters - Bigger Stronger Leaner - COMMUNITY - T NATION

This also has some general info for taller-than-average dudes: How to Build Mass as a Tall Lifter


Second this, thats a hell of a foundation to be working from man, you have good potential and could definitely be in a worse place.

Disagree with orevious posters here, you can do a lot in 12 months if you follow the advice from some of the pros here, and don’t need that much muscle to be wetting your toes in a fitness comp.

Good luck


I third the above posters.

The only thing I would add is that to me it makes sense to make sure you’re following advice from people who have achieved what you want to achieve rather than powerlifters or strongmen.

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Yeah, I’d second that you’re not in a bad place to be starting out with a solid year ahead of you. Naturally lean, decent taper,… add some quality size and you might be in a very respectable place a year from now.

Curious what your current diet looks like.


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Thank you will have a look.

Man thank you so much, I appreciate all the help.

I actually tore my trap of all things a while ago, these pics are about two months old will post recent ones and see if it’s any better.

Thanks for the programmed I’ll get on it.

Thanks so much, everyone on here is so helpful.

I’ll keep the updates coming.

Thanks man again really appreciate everyone being so helpful.

Agree on starting with those programs?

I’m busy working out my diet according to Christian t best damn diet for natural lifters, a good place to start? My only concern is timing the carbs around training, it a lot of carbs to get in. Def need to up the cals as to what I’m used to I think. And add in one or two supps.

Currently from my maths I’m abit under cals and I’m trying to only have carbs around training. I need to start counting and working out my daily macros.

Good advice, why I was only planning on providing encouragement, and not advice. There are enough expert voices here that you have the luxury of being picky about who you listen to

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My $0.02 is that this

Is a lot more important than this

I do think nutrient timing and all that can help fine-tune, but don’t sacrifice the big picture (daily calories) trying to perfect the details.


How does this sound:
Protien 267grams
Fat 104g

Split over 5-6 meals.
Based on 3419 cals from the best dam diet for natural lifters.

Supps will include creatine, protein and any suggestions for pre/intra I usually take vit d, curcumin and omegas daily.

Meal 1: egg salad(4eggs and spinach tomatoes pepper etc)

Meal2 oats and blueberries and a shake.

Meal 3: potatoes/rice and lean protien source.
Post workout: smoothie: oats protien banana creatine berries.

Meal 4: steak/fatty meat salad

5: before bed shake.

Some greens and veg thrown with others for good measure.

Intra workout: so far eaa and cyclic dextrin from a bit of research, som advice would be awesome.


I’m a rank amateur at this mate so take what I say with a pinch of salt. But start simple.
I’m not saying dont work out your macros longer term. But jumping from nothing to full meal prep and macro counting is going to be hard.

Grow into changes it takes to make it. There are no prizes for getting 5 weeks in finding it all to overwhelming and giving up. Trust me I’ve done it loads.

Eat 4 large, protein rich meals a day. Go to the gym 4-5 times a week. Work hard. Every week refine your nutrition a bit more. Start with tracking total protein, then total calories. Then fats and carbs.

Making the changes gradually, even over 8-10 weeks means (in my experience) you’re more likely to keep with it.

Good luck.

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Thanks for the tag guys! @bstar13, I’ll echo what others have said. It’s awesome that you’re dedicated to your health and physique, and will no doubt continue to make progress. It can be very exciting, the thought of entering a show, and wanting to dominate. As others have already pointed out, 12 months just isn’t long enough to gain enough muscle and develop a physique that will present well on stage. Continue training and eating right, others have posted great programs on here. I’m particularly fond of Clay Hyght’s Tried and True programs. While it can be tempting to jump in, just my .02, you’ll be halting your progress. Train for a while, another year or two at least, and you’ll be more ready for the stage, will have greater discipline and will also be able to develop your physique to a much greater level.