12 Month to Fitness Show, Who Can Help?

Hi guys, this is the greatest site and info place ever!

I’d love to do something out of my norm and commit 12 months to enter a fitness show, I’m sure a lot of people say this but I want to go all in. Can anyone recommend anyone to do programming and nutrition etc through that time? I’m from Africa so dollar can be pricey but hoping for some help/direction

@The_Mighty_Stu @jackolee @EyeDentist should be able to give some insight.

Some background info would be helpful. Training experience, current physique pictures, current nutrition, etc. saying you want to compete and being physically and mentally prepared are totally different things. More info please

Thank you.

At the momement I’m tall and skinny 6’6 213lb.
My physique at the moment is no where near what is required that’s why I said 12 months haha. I can post pics here or send? Agree saying and doing is different but I m highlyl motivated. I’ve done abit of Crossfit and Gym work, have decent strength but want to prove to everyone what can be done


Not to piss on your parade but 12 months in this game is not very long. We really need to see where you are to make any kind of judgement.

Some examples would be interesting.

That’s admirable. You’ll probably get some doubt and negativity from many directions, everyone does. My 2c is that if you’re willing to put the work in and not be a dick, almost everyone on this site will be willing to help or cheer you on. Once this threads run its course, I can’t recommend highly enough starting a training log on here and engaging with people who’s mindset and results inspire you


When you say fitness show are you meaning physique?

Thanks man.
Ya to be honest I’m no where at the moment doing research etc wondering if it’s worth getting a online coach? I just want to do a local comp, I’m in Africa, so nothing major but give myself a goal/date to work towards

Agreed! That’s what inspired me to do it, show the doubters out there that talk is cheap… let the doers do!

Finding a competition and sending in the sign up form is step one. Have you looked around for organizations with shows in 2021?

Like Bulldog asked, are you looking at Men’s Physique? Classic Physique? Bodybuilding?

Posting some current pics is definitely going to help figure out where you are right now. But, to be honest, your height is going to be a disadvantage on stage.

Just curious, how old are you?

You’ll find plenty of people wiling and able to help, but 12 months aside, anyone would need to see where you’re at. If you’ve got nothing, a full years time may get you to a good point, but still not reasonably competitive to do well in an actual contest.

Throw some pics, and you’ll probably get some better advice. After that, anyone would need to see what you’ve been doing, AND, more importantly what your approach has yielded in the time you’ve been applying it.


I will post ASAP! Physique, here it’s called fitness for someone reason I am looking at dates Of comps, will have to fly in to South Africa it Egypt, I’m in the Congo. But not a genetic beast :joy:. Look I’m under no illusion of winning or placing I just want to be dedicated and stand up there for self respect and to say I had the balls and commitment to do it.


Sorry and 28

I will do so ASAP. Not much to work with but as I just replied to someone else I want to stand up on stage and say I was commited and dedicated for some self respect and to tick off a dream.


That’s a good way to set goals. If you’re not dead set on the show, there’s definitely other ways to set yourself a definite deadline.

I think you should utilise the knowledge, experience and community on this site as much as possible to reach your goals, which will mean sharing a lot of details and likely applying a bit of a filter to reduce the signal to noise ratio of the advice given.

Tons of work to do! Just need the best starting point, this after a bout 2 months following a programme called thunderbro

Posted some in a reply. Looking for the correct starting point

Where you are, 12 months is not enough time to build the muscle necessary and cut for a show.

Where should I start. Whats a good programme to start with?

Do this twice: