12 lbs From Start Of Training -Any Pointers?

hello, i’m new ot this. one of teh trainers at teh gym put me onto this site. anyways…

i started working out 9/19/05. by december 2 i weighed 132 lbs and started at 120 lbs. on 9/16.

naturally im really skinny, about 5’6", and a fast metabolism, 23 years old.

so i am still at 132 to this day but am not complaining because i got sick for liek 3 weeks in december and am just coming back form that.

i take gnc 2200 weight gainer, but im such a small dude the 1 seving split up 3 times a day is liek all i can handle with one mela. my stomach isnt big enuff!!!

so i have been taking 2 a day, and throwing in a scoop of proetin in there, total of 100g of protein a day.

first 2 months i worked out each muscle group once a week. i wanted to challeneg myself so i been doing 2 times a week now everything, with 72 hours in between.

i think im making progress, and feell stronger than day one.

but any tips on gaining more weight?

It’s hard to say eat more if you’re saying you physically can’t eat more… But you need to eat more. Take about a gram of protein per pound (so you need to up your protein about 32grams).

And just eat, all day long…

Eat , eat and eat some more. If you don’t have a big appetite, or cant stomach a lot of food, drink some more calories. Full cream milk at every meal, even flavoured milk.
Try mixing your weight gainer in this if you havent already.
Keep training hard, make sure your post workout nutrition is good and keep eating.


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