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12 Hours Sleep?


Hey i have just started training BJJ full time 1-2 hours 5-6 days a week and im sleeping like 12 hours every night is that normal ?
or am i over training ? bit worried about it

thanks Judas


Keep sleeping lucky bastard. Bet your gonna be sleeping like a baby tonight.


If you've got the time to sleep 12 hours, sleep all 12 of them. Your body probably just needs more time to recover from what you're throwing at it, but it sounds like you are giving it what it wants, so I wouldn't worry about it.

If you were lifting, conditioning, and doing BJJ, and then only sleeping 6 hours a night, chances are you would burn out pretty quick. Your body is sleeping longer because it needs longer to recover, but since you are allowing it to recover, you most likely aren't overtraining.


Always listen to your body. If it wants sleep give it sleep.

I wish I could get 12 hours. Heck, 9 would be a dream.


no, it's not normal. yes, i would love it


Do you eat before bed?
Do you wake up tired ?


I've been sleeping a whole hell of a lot too lately. Football conditioning is a lot faster paced than what I'm used to. Short rests between sets, lots of sets, and everything is big and compound. And runnin' don't help it either. I sleep about 8 a night, and take 2 or 2.5 hour naps when I have time.

Tuesday and Thursdays I can sleep 10 hours straight because of later classes and then take 2 hour naps again. I've always slept a lot to begin with, but I'm takin it to the max now lol. Doesn't help that I don't fall asleep easy, I sleep lightly and have the worst bed ever. I took a quarter bottle of Tylenol PM to the head last night and it didn't do shit.


i eat dinner 1-2 hours before bed and some times have a protein/water/olive oil shake before bed why ?

yea id say half the time i wake up tired why ? i woke up tired today


Man I wish I could sleep that much. I'm lucky to get 7 or 8.

I was reading about your bodies natural sleeping cycles a couple of weeks ago and it made for interesting reading.

It seems you go thru a one hour going to sleep period, two hour deep sleep and one hour waking up, for a total of 4 hours. Normally with an 8 hour sleep your repeat the cycle twice. And if you wake up when you "not supposed to" (ie during the two hour deep sleep period) you end up feeling groggy and tired.

I used to either get 7 or 9 hours and would wake up feeling tired regardless, but now I've been making the effort to get to bed 8 hours and 30 mins before I have to get up and I'm waking MUCH more refreshed and full of energy.

Just wondering what peoples thoughts were on these sleeping cycles?


I just read an article saying that the number of 90 minute sleep cycles you get is more important than total hours. One guy claimed he could get away with 3 hours sleep a night with a 90 minute nap during the day. He says the trick is working out your own natural cycle length as it may be longer or shorter than 90 minutes and making sure you dont get interrupted mid cycle.

It is an interesting topic and i like the idea of being able to sleep less at night and taking naps during the day.


i'm happy to get 7...12 on weekends


Bodybuilding principle are against sleeping principle.

Do a simple test, eat nothing pass 7h PM. When you eat before bed, most of the energie is used to digest food.


Hanley I can always count on you to confuse me about things I use to look at all so simple. Sleeping cycles...Genious. I heard about that before, like, REM sleep. That is the "real" sleep right ? where your eyes roll up and down really rapid and your brain literally shuts down and takes a breather from reality...WAY COOL


It's not something I'd even considered or was aware of up until a couple of weeks ago really. But since then I've kind of half observed what happens to me when I adhere to these "cycles" and it does seem to have a positive effect. Quite possibly a complete placebo effect tho.


Lift more than you think you should.
Eat more than you think you should.
Sleep more than you think you should.

Any questions?


So should the OP be sleeping 13 or 14 hours....?



shieldss ???


If you are consistently getting 12 hours of sleep and still waking up tired half the time. That doesn't sound alright to me.

A few questions:
-How long has this been happening? If it's just a few days...no worries but if it's been weeks/months like this...maybe a little worry is ok.
-How is your nutrition? Getting enough food to fuel all your efforts?
-If you wake up feeling tired half the time, do you feel very well rested the other half?
-Every thought about ZMA?


hey thanks for posting

just been happening for the last 2 weeks since i have started full time training, before that i was only train 1-2 hours a week now im training 5-9 hours a week.
my nutrition is really healthy but im trying to loose some fat at the moment so i have been eating 500 calories under my daily needs for around a month now, do you think that would have an effect on sleep ? should i bring my cals up and try and maintain and build muscle while training this much instead of trying to work it in the fat loss direction ?

yes some mornings i wake up and bounce out of bed and feel pumped some times i wake up and my eyes are still tired and i crawl to the shower.

whats ZMA ?


12 hours sounds excessive to me. I'd go with establishing a routine consisting of 8 hours a night, but that's what works best for me. Some people do sleep more but I have a hard time imagining wasting an additional 4 hours a day sleeping.