$12,000 Death Benefit

From the New York Times:

"Three days after the marines rang the doorbell and told Cpl. Marc T. Ryan’s parents their son was dead, they returned to the Ryans’ split-level house in Gloucester City, N.J. This time, they had a check.

The military death gratuity, the Defense Department calls it. It is a one-time payment of $12,000 to the survivors of military men and women killed in the line of duty…

Everyone in the military is now automatically insured for $250,000 through a group life-insurance program that charges modest premiums…"

It’s nice that military men are eligible for the life insurance, but $12,000 LODD payment is a joke.

One idea to to increase the LODD payment to $100,000, and increase the life insurance coverage to $300,000.

“Senator [Jeff] Sessions [an Alabama Republican] said that initial estimates of the first-year cost of increasing the gratuity to $100,000 and the group life insurance coverage to $300,000 were $460 million.”

Maybe if the Government didn’t send its soldiers to fight in meaningless “wars” all the time, the cost could be greatly reduced. Dumbasses.

Samdiesel. You are a little mistaken by this. The 12,000 dollars that they receive is a “one time payment” that covers all expenses to bury the military member. They actually get 250,000 dollars when the military member is killed, in or out of action. That is no cost to the military member. It is called SGLI. Now the SBP (survivors benefit plan) which is extra that is the insurance that they are talking about.

My contention is that municipalities like NYC pay waaaaaay more for a one-time death benefit if killed on the job.