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11g Protein per 100g


of high grade white flour. wtf???


it's high grade yo. high grade proteinnnnnnnnn


it full of crap


Thats gluten right? Wheat protein is imposter protein.


so... it isn't really protein??

i'm surprised ...

i told a friend that beans weren't that great for protein... so she started checking packets. the flour seems to have a lot of protein. protein is protein, yeah???


For what it's worth, i don't count protein from carbs.


thats like saying sex with Oprah and sex with Halle Berry is the same


Wrong about the beans.

Wrong about 'protein is protein'

Most bread type foods have incomplete protein sources. But not many people here eat bread alone, so it's easy to get all amino acids.


This is why you always hear about "rice AND beans". Together they work much better than apart.



I had a vegan friend who ate nothing but rice, beans and tofu. She ended up overweight, with protein and iron deficiencies (as told to her by a doctor, who tested her blood and urine when she complained about constant fatigue).

Told her to eat horse, bison, chicken, fish and beef. Energy is coming back, and she feels 100x better, with special focus on the red meats.

Protein is not protein. I wish this were as anecdotal as it sounds, but I went through this cycle more than once with vegetarian/vegan friends.


I don't think soy protein should be considered on par with beef or milk proteins.
In the same way plant proteins have a lower bio-availability.



ok. thanks.





They recommend adding meat, gelatin, or cheese to wheat flour to complete the AA profile