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119nmol/l of Test from 25mgs of Testosterone

Hi there.
One month ago I injected testosterone propionate half ml 50mg/ml, which equates to 25mgs. 12hrs afterwards (peak times for prop) I did a bloodtest, which showed that my t was 119nmol/l and I expected it to be at around 40nmol/l (range 5-35nmol/l). Is it possible to get numbers this high from just roughly 25mg or the dosage was more like 50? I also had an hcg injection at least 5 days prior at 1500iu, but after 4 days hcg is mostly gone if I’m not mistaken. Could hcg influence it or not?

Hcg influence would be minimal. That’s a phenomenal response to just 25mg. Not unheard of, but still at the top end of what I’d expect.

hCG has a mean half life of 2.3 days.
So if you are on the higher side of that, let’s say 3 days, then after 5 days you’d have 400 IU still in your body and active which would put you at the top of the range if your balls are healthy (but response is highly highly individual! So it could not do shit for you or even put you at 40+).
That’s just an example, your half life could be shorter and there won’t be an effect or it could be longer and the hCG put you at 35 nmol/L and the T on top put you at 119.

When I used 1500iu hcg my t was 37 after like 3rd injection during peak hours of hcg

Ok then you have your answer to my post. I went from the info you gave me. This changes the game obviously.

I’m not surprised by the jump … Being Prop, it kicks in straight away and as for the numbers if you consider that the human male creates between 2 to 7mg of test naturally per day (7mg per day maintaining 800+ total serum testosterone) then you can probably see how one shot of 25mg (containing equivalent of 20+mg of active hormone) can raise the serum levels pretty quick