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1198 Test Levels after 2-3 Weeks. Bunk or Underdosed Gear?

A close, older friend of mine who used to be a pro bodybuilder recently started a cycle consisting of 75mg of Test P and Tren A pinned EOD. After about 2-3 weeks of noticing no results, he went to get his T levels checked and they came back at 1198ng/dL. What do you guys think? Is the gear underdosed?

Surely your “friend” who you say was pro would know the answer to this question? They must be a veteran at running cycles, right?

Yes, he was about 20 years ago. We talked about his levels during this cycle and I’m not sure he really knew all that much about this topic, so that seemed a little weird to me… I wouldn’t be asking this question if I knew the answer. I’d appreciate some help.

If I’m correct then 1198ng/dL equates to about 41.5nmol/L which on the face of it does seem low for 3 weeks of Test P

I think I saw a thread earlier from yourself which may have been deleted … and IIRC your friend now has a new source now anyway?

Even while on 250mg per week? Would the other 250mg of tren have any effect on that?
Yes lol I did post earlier but I started naming pharmacies and I guess that’s a no no. He now found a new source. Also, just got informed that it was only 2 weeks and maybe a couple of days, so sorry for that.

Also, I’ve noticed the range is usually over 3000ng/dL (104nmol/L) and even seen it in the upper 5000 for some people on 500mg of test per week.

Different labs use different ranges; you got a list of his results? Lets have a look (include ranges)

Ultimately, people react differently to different compounds. If he’s been using AAS for over 20 years then his body is likely to be less responsive in comparison to a 25 year old who is on their first cycle

Oh well he hasn’t been using them much now anymore, since his competitive days are over. I’m pretty sure the top of the range was 26nmol/L. I don’t have the results now, but I can post them later.