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1179 lbs. Raw IPF Total Sub-Junior 18 Y/O


This was my 3rd meet with a national sub-junior record in the deadlift.


I have no idea why nobody has commented yet.

Good lifting brother.

You almost had that third squat.

What are your goals for next meet?


Awesome man congrats


Thank you! I'll be a junior when my next meet rolls around. I think I'll eat myself up to over 105 kg just to be in the 120 kg class and hope to hit another national record which is only 240 kg. A guy in 105 kg just did about 530/370/660 raw @ 22 years old, so I'd like to avoid him for now haha. I think I'd be satisfied with 185/140/255 for 580 kg or 407/308/562 for a 1277 lbs. total.

How about you? Any meets coming up?


Thank you Ryan!


I'm just hangin out.

I wanted to do a meet in 2015, but then I started getting injured.

I'll probably shoot for 2016 now.