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1144lbs Partial Deadlifts



hilariously strong :slight_smile: You've motivated a lot of people with your feats, deadication, and humility. I hope you can continue to do this for a VERY long time.


Deadication. I get it.

Also, I didn't see the author of the thread, so I was really excited to see somebody pulling from mid-hip and not getting the weight off the blocks. This was a bit more impressive.


HAHAHA...I love how the bar bends about 8 inches before the weight even moves. Good stuff.


I love the music. Oh yeah some crazy lifting as well.


Like a fucking BOSS!


That poor, poor bar. :`(


When and why do you decide to use straps?


Awesome stuff Andy.


I thought it was going to be some idiot posting a video of a 1 inch deadlift, then I saw who posted it and watched the video. Ridiculous strength.


I didn't know you could fit that much weight on a bar.


The scary thing is...

Andy told me afterwards that he reckoned
he was good for another 20kg!


Are those supports wooden? (oh, and yeah, my spine feels like shearing when I use less than 1/3 the weight...)


The funniest thing in the video is--if you look closely--you can see a tiny spring collar on the end of the bar on Andy's Right side barely sticking on there.


holey crap!


The big collars would not fit on the bar so they has tohold it on,oh i would ike to have a go at the iredeadlift wr at the arnold i even emailed them and they did not reply.