1116 Total at first 83Kg Meet

Hello All,
I completed in my first IPF competition the other weekend in the 83Kg weight class. Thanks to my crap scale i weighed in 5lbs too light (177lbs) haha. I was dehydrated for all of squats and part of bench but my numbers are as follows: Squat-375, Bench-260, Dead-485.

I know i can get more on all lifts and have a competition in April with my goals being: Squat 405, Bench 280, Dead-505. Im stationed over in England so it was def cool to go against people from a diff country.

Squat: - YouTube
Bench: - YouTube
Deadlift: - YouTube

Good lifts man! Are all these third attempts?
You’re right you look like you had a lot more in you.

Congrats on getting your first competition under your belt, and as Haldor said, especially in the deadlift, you look like you had a bit more in you! On a side note I’m GBPF too, up in the northwest, nice to have fellow members on here! Also from what you said I take it you cut water then? How much? That’s crazy with weigh in in the morning, and I’m sure next time if you make sure you’re not dehydrated when you start then your lifts will go even better!

Yea sorry these are all my last lifts, went 9/9. The squat was the worst cause i just wanted to throw up hahaha

Yea that the plan, my scale at home was wayyyy off. i weighed in before i left for the comp at 181lbs, when i got to the comp i was 177lbs and shaking haha. all throughout squats i wanted to puke