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110402 Middlesex Uni Comp



Been lifting for about 3yrs, he's gotten more serious over the past few month as well as recovering from a crazy heart virus that meant he couldn't do any exercise for 9months.

One of my lifters OxMan smashing it up!

5/6 3 PB's! Sweet!

15yr old bro tearing it up

Stomps all over it! 72/95! Huge 3kg on his C&J and a fat new total PB


Close but not quite there...next time.



good shit man. thought you were gonna hold onto that second snatch. what were your attempts?


That snatch was soooo close!

You have another brother who lifts! Thanks for sharing the videos.


damn dude, that 3rd snatch, even the 2nd one... it's like you had it, but just didn't squat up with it. Were you feeling fatigued or something?


Why are you lifting so far back on the platform? Looks like it f0cked your 2nd jerk right up. Those snatches were sweet man, so close.


Same here mate!



I followed myself on all of the lifts so that sucked massively for the C&J...I was worried taking 145 after 135 would mean 150 would be impossible...I think I'll take the jump next time, but it's never easy to follow yourself on the Jerks.

Other bros youtube account is chrischea85

Look at his session from 110402, 119/140 with a near miss on 146. I'm at work and I can't search user videos?!

Because the platform was SLIPPERY as f0ck, so I wanted my foot go go off the wood and on to the rubber thing, but thats soft but I'd rather chance that then the slippery surface.



Check out my first jerk and it will become obvious!


Shit, I never noticed that. Wondered why you'd missed the first jerk when it looked solid.

Nice lifting anyways lads