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110 Pound Dumbell Curls


I'm from Sherdog and I came here because of CW's article on MMA, but since I'm here I'll throw a quick question.

This guy posted on our forums yesterday a vid...what are those curls he's doing there?


I know the form is very bad, but it's made me think about explosive strenght, and how lifting of this sort could apply to MMA.


Full-body hammer curls. I was waiting for him to smack himself in the face with one of those dumbbells he was swinging around.


Those are called hammer curls anytime u use weight that heavy form degrades slighty, but that looked ok to me


Ok...this guy says he's weighin in at 178 pounds. I'm a tad over 180.

How much do you think I'm looking at (time-wise) to get that kind of strenght?


That's actually quite impressive. "Curling" 110 pounds is no easy task, especially since he's not 'huge'.

That probably hit the traps more, but heck, you try doing that!


If you want to do what that guy was doing, make you sure strengthen everything except your biceps.


That depends, were those 100lb. dumbbells?


I hope he knows he looks like a total idiot and NOT a hardass . . . .


110lb, and I started lifting two months ago, westside routine, so I'm basically a newbie.


He was entertaining


The best quote about this on You Tube:

"So you were training...your delts, traps, lats, quads, hams, hips, lower back, calves, and ego? If you can't keep your elbows locked into your body, you are not isolating your biceps. If you are not isolating your biceps, what is the point? Enjoy your joints while you can because they won't last training like that..."


For about 2 seconds, I thought this could've been Brad Cardoza, between the bald head and the massive weights used.

I would only call that bad form if he walked in and said "Hey guys, I'm going to do some strict curls for my bis and forearms." If he was intentionally powering the weight up from rep #1, then he's pretty much spot-on for technique. Curling 65% bodyweight per hand is rarely going to look pretty.

Also, something like that wouldn't exactly be for explosive strength (though that's certainly a side effect). He's turned an otherwise-isolation movement into a full body exercise. Again, if it was on purpose and goal-oriented, then it's not a bad idea.

If I were to do a movement like that, I probably wouldn't bother to use 2 DBs. I'd go one arm at a time, and I'd bring the DB a bit lower, to mid-thigh height.

If it matters, Charles Staley has recommended Power Hammer Curls for total body strength before, as has Mike Mahler. I'm also pretty sure Dan John wouldn't mind them much either.


oh, of course! If I saw him do that in my gym, I would definitely laugh out loud.


haha, that's awesome! But, I think you're missing the reason as to why this guy is using that form . . . . "It looks cool, man"


Are you serious or being sarcastic? He may as well be doing hip-assisted bent-over rows at that point.

-Dan (posting under Angelbutt's name)


I understand that his movement (whatever you want to call it) does not fit anything that the typical trainee does on this site. However, I would challenge any of you who weigh what he weighs to give that a try. It's not at all easy.

And keep this in mind- There is no such thing as a wasted movement. In other words he is in fact deriving benefit from what he is doing.

We can argue all day long whether he would be better off doing something else, but......


With some body english that really doesn't seem that hard, more a matter of can you hold onto the dumbbell.

I'm more impressed by the adjunct video of the 5'11, 140# guy benching 110lb dumbbells.

Pretty good for that weight considering I'm the only person in my gym I've ever seen even TOUCH the 100lb dumbbells for anything but shrugs (and they never do that w/o straps)


True, I dont' see him risking any injury...so why not. It's not like he's pulling a DaWiesel where the lift is just bullshit.


Alternating dumbbell hammer clean pulls from the hang.

It's a power movement not an isolation exercise.