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11 Wks Into First Cycle, Extending Another 20 Weeks

Whattup guys,

I am currently on week 11 of my first cycle ever. I am 5’ 9” 182-185 lbs. I was 194 going into the cycle and probably put on 8-10 lbs of lean muscle mass in the process. This pic was taken after I ate a lot of carbs/food after a leg day lol definitely gonna through that out there. I would like some advice from ya’ll on what to do next. Yes, tren on my first cycle is a “cardinal sin” so don’t bother telling me not to take it cuz I already did so it’s pointless now; I also plan on taking more and with that being said, what’s the best way to go about this? Just looking for some solid advice on the best way to cut down 15-18 lbs of body fat by June 20th (on the fuckin dot) while gradually gaining muscle mass/strength in the process. I want to extend this throughout the summer and was thinking of lowering test and switching to prop @ 300/week. And upping tren a to 400-450/week starting week 13. Will my body be too used to the tren, causing me to make much slower gains by then? Also gonna start anavar throughout the summer and maybe winstrol for months July and August. What are the doses I should be taking? I know I fucked up by starting cals way too low to begin with, but w my body type I don’t need a lot of food to gain muscle, my problem lies more with losing fat. I also started working construction 3 weeks ago. I’ve also lifted 24 times out of the past 23 days cuz I’m pretty fuckin obsessed. Is this okay/healthy still if my body still feels good, needless to say I’m on tren? Additionally, would supplementing tren a @ 300mg/week WITH deca @ 300mg/week yield better results for my goals? If so, is 300mg/week of deca ideal? Would it be more proficient abs beneficial to stop after week 12 and start back up in mid-May? (8 weeks from now). Thanks guys, would greatly appreciate your feedback.

Here are my numbers:

Diet -

Weeks 1-7 2200-2500 cals, 270-300g of protein, 150ish carbs.

Weeks 8-10 2500-3000, 270-290g of protein, 150-200g of carbs.

Weeks 11-rest of cutting phase 2400-2600 cals, 270-290g of protein, carb cycling (190-200g on back day and both leg days, 150-160g on 2 days, 100-120g on 2 days)

Performance (max 1 rep) -

Bench: 245 lbs
Squat: 385 lbs
I don’t deadlift

Current cycle -

Week 1-2 test cyp @ 250mg/wk
Week 1-2 tren a @ 100mg/wk
Week 3-9 test cyp @ 500mg/wk
Week 3-9 tren a @ 200mg/week
Week 10-12 test cyp @ 500mg/week
Week 10-12 tren a @ 300 mg/week

Future cycle -

Weeks 13- end of august

Test prop @ 300mg/wk
Tren a @ 400-450mg/wk
Var @ 25mg first 2 weeks
Var @ 50mg 2 following weeks
Var @ 100 rest of weeks
Winstrol last 2 months?
Masteron last 2 months?

It’s kind of insulting when you come on here asking for advice but then tell us not to give you advice that contradicts what you want.


RIP lipids


Ya think?

So, you’re doing your first cycle for 31 continuous weeks? Did I get that right?

What is significant about June 20th? And this coming summer months? Seems you are taking a good bit of risk. What is the benefit this summer?

You’ve obviously done little to no research on AAS. Aside from the other stupidity of this post this really stands out. You are gonna F yourself up. End it at 12 weeks and recover.


Its also a horrible pic that shows nothing other than you sucking in your stomach.

Sounds like you know what you’re doing then.

You can cut down by using a 500 calorie a day deficit. For somebody your size thats about 2000 calories. Make sure they are proper macros for your goals.

Gains will diminish after your body adjusts to the new you with Tren.

This is a personal choice. For me it would be 0 winstrol and 50mg/day Var.




It would be better for your recovery to take as much time off as you can after being on for three months before partaking again.

Too many calories IMO. I just cut from 205->185 on 2000-2200 and kept most muscle.

These don’t scream… I need tons of anabolics.


I am going to have to see this!

To OP, you should not run a 31 weeks cycle. You are going to have a tough time recovering as is (Tren isn’t easy to recover from).

This game isn’t about looking like the Rock in 6-7 months. It is better to continually progress using very little if possible.


:flushed: Your total BW decreased by 11 pounds, while simultaneously adding 5-10 lean pounds? That’s a ~18 pound fat loss and ~7 pound muscle increase. If this is true, my hat’s off to you, man.

I’ll assume you’ve researched the risks associated with all the PEDs you’re taking and are thinking of adding. The risks with Test are minimal. Studies have shown doses of up to 600 for 20 weeks are perfectly safe and easy to PCT from. Run Test as much as you want. Take breaks from it if you ever want to have kids and/or don’t want to be on TRT for life. It’s the deca and Tren that make me worry about you, man.

I can relate to your wreckless side. I have one, as well. But those are some pretty harsh compounds you are messing with. You want to get in, get the benefits, and get out quickly before they seriously hurt you. Think of them like a tanning bed. At beyond 20 minutes, you start to get burned.

I think plenty of other guys on here will back me on this: you could run the 300 test prop until June 20 and, with good training and diet, lose the 15-20 pounds fat you mention and keep most, if not all, your muscle. No tren/deca/var needed.

Your goals can be achieved with minimal risk. It doesn’t make sense to take huge risks when the same thing can be achieved with much less risk.

Best of luck in whatever you chose.


Gains are extremely addicting.

But keep in mind an ol’ stock market saying: “Pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered.”

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What a clown

= Eat a steak and do this…

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Also, I have arimidex on hand and hcg. What’s a proper hcg protocol (dosage, frequency, time after last pin) based off my current cycle? And if I need other pct supps what would they be?

Ya man this cycle really did a lot for me, however I’m in a deep rabbit hole now and know I should stop after 12 weeks, but I don’t always make the wise decision. Being up front, I’m gonna start back up mid may tho, that’s 8 weeks off

June 20th is the first day of summer. My goal is to gain about 5 more lbs of muscle and lose 15-20 of fat.

Appreciate your advice. I am seeing much more muscle growth while being on 2500 cals a week rather than 2000-2200 but I only upped it since I’m working construction now. With that being said, is 2500 okay or should I still lower the cals again? And yes, from what I know about my body I don’t have a strength problem or difficulty putting on muscle, it’s a body fat factor that holds me back from having a better physique. I’m gonna finish lifting 7 days this week and next week then get off the cycle per your suggestion. When off the cycle, is lifting 5-6 times a week okay w 2 leg days still? Also, would you recommend starting back up in 8 weeks? Thanks.

Not a great idea in general. If you’re going to pct it’s a very bad idea. If you’re going to cruise it’s a less bad idea. Still bad, but less so.

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Just scroll down the posts listed as PCT. Its out there in spades.

That would depend on your progress. The slower you do it the more muscle you will retain. Depends on your goal and timeline.

Yeah overtraining is kind of one of the buzzwords thrown around that doesn’t apply to most. Are you an olympic athlete or competitor that spends all day 7 days a week training? Maybe you overtrain. For the rest of us its an excuse. Train as much and as plentiful as you can.

Not if you’re trying to PCT. Thats hardly long enough to get functioning again only to shut yourself down all over.

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At your current level of strength and development, you could very likely achieve this goal on just the 300 test, with minimal risk to your health.


Update: Thanks for the advice. I’m gonna cruise on 300 test for 10 weeks starting today (March 20) then get back on other compounds beginning of June. During these 10 weeks, I’m gonna lean out as much as possible and already modified my diet with proper carbs/protein while eating 2000-2300 cals a day; 1600-1800 on my 1-2 non lift days. I will start tren up again for 12 more weeks starting first week of June. I pinned for the last time yesterday at 300mg/wk tren ace. When I go back on tren, do you guys recommend starting at 300mg/wk from the get-go and going up from there since that’s where I left off? I wondering if my body will already be used to the 300mg/wk tren still. Or should I start at 150/wk then go up. Also thinking about hitting a max of 450mg/wk. 300mg/wk test prop would be in the new cycle too. I had anger outbursts first few weeks but learned to regulate them and pause before I react. No other sides from the tren or test as of now. Maybe 4 pimples on my back and that’s it. I’ll take constructive criticism on this as usual thank you.

moreplatesmorehate. Excellent troll name. For your own sake I really hope you are just trolling the guys here.

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