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11 Weeks Out From Teen Classic Physique Show

Height: 6’2
Weight: Sitting at 201lbs Right Now , but will continue to drop
Age: 17 y/o

Might be bugging the hell out you guys, however id like to update you on my show in 11 weeks. Currently just me and buddy doing the show, which is a local NPC show here in PA. Im pretty sure id be appreciable on stage as a teenager , even if more competition comes in. Been on my “prep” for 2 weeks now , slowly dropping weight around 1.5lbs a week. Lifts are still increasing which is a good sign , im sure it will slow though. Im hoping to come in around 185-180lbs. Started posing regularly with a very nice routine. Anyhow , what would your tips be on this show for me ? Areas to bring up ? Bootcamp is coming soon , and im very excited to hit this show for the experience , as im sure i wont be able to compete, yet alone hit the gym much while on AD, especially in infantry. Added a bit of muscle since last year , weighed in at around 205lbs a couple weeks ago. The work of Mike Israetel is amazing , his hypertrophy guide is awesome. Let me know what you guys think. Ill be keeping weekly posts of progress , thanks everyone !

At this point, you should be always focused on bringing up everything. Of course if you’re dropping, and still strong, or even making gains, I’d say you’re doing things correctly.

I wouldn’t worry about anyone else, because as you already hinted at, your age is going to set you at a disadvantage simply due to how long you’ve been in the game. So, if you can bring in the conditioning, and have a physique that is balanced in terms of top/bottom (even for your age), I’m sure you’ll feel proud and enjoy the experience no matter how anything else plays out.


thank you for the response stu! how would you say everything looks right now ? should i remain losing at a 1.5lb a week rate ? or do you think i should taper off to 1lb a week ? i feel like im on the right track , but getting some expert opinions never hurts! thanks again! also want to clarify that it is in the teenage division, not sure if i stated that properly above, so the competition is never “amazing” , but ive seen some well built kids on some local shows ive been to before.

Progress usually slows on its own, so certainly don’t pump the brakes now -lol.

If you can keep up this pace, you’ll see what your conditioning looks like as the show nears and if you need to work harder, coast in, or even back off in rAre instances.


awesome thank you stu. I appreciate the feedback !

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You have built a good base, I think if you can shred up you should, at the very least, not embarrass yourself on stage (my biggest concern my first show… I wanted to at least look like I belonged on stage)

You should be “about ready” 2-3 weeks out, so reassess your fat loss in about a month and see if you are on track.


thank you so much for your reply and feedback lonnie. Every money i go to a local nutrition store to get a full body fat scan , if you will. It appears in the two weeks ive been on prep , ive gained about half a pound of muscle. pretty hopeful that i continue this , not sure how long it will last but am hoping to improve some areas such as back , delts for sure. need to build up my abs a bit more but otherwise i say im very leg dominant , so hopefully that can add me some points, many past competitiors have not had barley any leg development at all. my main concern are my arms, which i believe lack a lot because of my height, and i dont have great insertions at all. hopefully because this is a teen competition i dont stand out like a sore thumb, but judging on how i believe i look now , and past competition , im pretty confident ill place well. This is purely experience and the excitment of prepping for a show, it really motivates me to push harder and harder and work more and more.

Are those body scans free? Just curious

I wouldn’t say your arms are dramatically behind, although from your pics it’s hard to compare ratios.

Maybe I missed it but Are you doing BB or physique? You really should practice your posing (not YOU in particular because it’s bad, it’s just a good general rule for a competitor) and now is a good time to start. Any pics from here on out you tale should be of the “mandatory poses”

Learn them and start taking pics to find out how best to present your physique. A little posing finesse can hide a lagging body part or make you seem bigger or more proportional than you might with a lack of experience.

yes they are. the place is called max muscle nutrition. Not sure if they are nationwide, also they seem pretty accurate , like a dexa scan if you will. at least for me they are (i know the owner). im doing physique and classic physique. honestly dont feel i have anywhere near enough mass for BB, yet in the future its a consideration. Also, i have started practicing poses for both , with seperate routines for the solo posing. Thanks again!

few shots from today after a chest / back session. down 6lbs so far.
image image

Slow n steady…