11 Weeks Out from First Bodybuilding Competition. How's My Diet Plan?

Hello my name i Alex and i am 24 years old, i am 11 weeks out of my very first bodybuilding competition and i wanted to ask something about my diet…

This time i have a different approach, i am eating a high protein and high fat diet and i have really low carbs 70-80 grams and all from green vegetables… i am thinking about do this for 6 days and every 7th day eati high carbs at my maintenance calories… At this moment i consume 2000 calories and i am 80kg every week i will do a calorie drop (100 calories) until i reach a really low bf%, and every 7th day of every week i am planninf this refeed day at my maintenance calories. I am doing this low carb/keto diet cause i am not ready now for the competition and i want to be almost ready 3-4 weeks out… so what you think guys about this approach???

Nobody’s going to be able to give you any (proper) dietary advice without seeing what you look like 11 weeks out. Post some pictures of your current physique.


Yes you are right… my bad this is how i look this morning at 79,9 kg because i am a new user i can put only one photo

Just do whatever you have been doing that got you to where you are at now, and continue to either cut Cals or add cardio (or both). Making a drastic change to what you have been doing MIGHT work, but it might not and then you’ll be unprepared for what to do to correct it and end up weeks behind where you could have been.

If all your changing is adding a cheat meal that is probably fine, as those work very well deep into a diet like that.

If this current approach has allowed you to see weekly movement in the right direction, then by all means keep it up. There’s never a reason to make changes if you’re getting steady progress.

What is your average weekly drop looking like? Are photos showing a steady improvement in conditioning? What has your cardio approach been up until now?