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11 Weeks on TRT. Got My Labs Today. Does It Work?

Hi guys
Today I got my lab results and my total T is only 370 nd/dl. Why so low?

My former result in TT was 240 ng/dl.

My protocol is 25 mg eod = 100 mg/week subQ.

The testosterone enantate that I got is prescribed by my doctor and it’s in 250 mg/ml glass breaking ampules.
I gave blood in the morning on the day of my injection, but I injected after I gave blood.
What can I do? Up the dose?
My doc says that it’s going to rise but I’m not sure.

Overall I feel much better on TRT now, but it could be a good placebo effect.

By the way my SHBG is approximately 23, so on the low end of the range.

Greetings from Germany

25 EOD is about 87 mg per week on average not 100. That’s a very conservative TRT dose. You might need to discuss increasing dosage with the doctor.

For example in the US, our average weekly TRT dose can be between 150-200 mg per week. Its test c which has slightly lower t per mg, but it would still be about twice what you are getting.

Because your dose is very low.

Yes, you can. The question is would you want to? Many guys start TRT with levels above 370ng/dL. But, they do not do so because of the level, it is the symptoms they are experiencing that brings them to testosterone. How about you? Have your symptoms totally resolved? Or, are you happy with your current levels of energy, strength, body fat, sleep, libido, sexual function, etc. Yes, there is a more is better approach and while you feel good now, you may feel even better with a larger dose. There is also a point of diminishing returns, or even worse. I can’t believe you are anywhere close to that on 25mg qod though.

Yes you right. Maybe I really should up the dose.
Thank you for the reply.

I could feel better. And I’m not currently satisfied with my symptoms. But they have improved since starting TRT.
Referring to strength and body composition there could be of course much more improvement.

So I could stay on subQ and only up my dose?
I thought to go on IM injecting with insulin syringes like I do with my subQ injections?

You could do that also if you wanted. No matter what route you take, you want that dosage increased if you feel you can make more improvements in how you feel.

Assuming absorption is equal, however you up your dose should be fine, just increase the dose.

I’ve seen guys report lower levels on SQ injections when compared with IM and I’m not a fan of SQ. I think it’s overrated.

I would increase dose to 30mg eod for 8-12 weeks. Then compare how you feel then to how you feel now. Good chance you’ll feel even better.

I’d also get free testosterone and e2 checked for a more accurate assessment.