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11-Week Cut Before a Comp

I am starting an 11 week cut in preparation for a fighting competition. I have always had a problem getting my meals in early in the day,and today I have two aday workouts and I have not gotten all my meals in and time contraints my not let me.

After my 2nd practice, do I need to get a full meal in or limit the carbs that late in the after noon?How much will the lack of calories affect my fat loss?Thank you.

Have you made a meal plan?

The size of the meal depends on the intensity and time you spent in your practice.

If there is a big deficit of calories on your diet you will tend to lose more muscle and feel tired. And remember if you are going to cut carbs to keep your fat intake from moderate to high. (your body needs some kind of fuel).

Cutting is something you do a few days before a fight.Depending on how much weight you want to lose, you should lose most of it by Eating according to your energy need. Eat clean, cut out “empty calories”. If you mentally crack & have a weekend of twinkies & ice cream cakes then realize you might have to pay for it by skipping rope for 15mins in a sauna suit before weigh inns.

There shouldn’t be an excuse for not eating. You can cook all your meals whenever you have free time. You can travel with shakes,jerky, cans of tuna, ziplock bags/containers food,boiled egg(endless list do some research).