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11-T and Endurance Athletes

I’ve been trying to keep updated with all the threads regarding 11-T in order to avoid posting something already covered. But I haven’t come across any information regarding 11-T and endurance athletes.

When I mention endurance athletes, I’m interested in the perceived benefits of long distance runners and cyclists taking 11-T, or now that it is backordered, something of a similar nature.

I’m a long distance runner now averaging 70 miles per week on only one run each day.

I’m interested in 11-T in trying to help me achieve breaking the 100 miles a week barrier and helping to lower my times in several events such as the 5,000 meter and 10,000 meter races. My training does not contain any weight lifting but does have 4 sessions of core work lasting an hour each week.

I’m not looking to put on any more weight, but as I understand it, its the diet that dictates the gains.

I’ve said enough - I’m just looking to see how 11-T would be beneficial, if at all. If not, what else is in a similar class that I can obtain?

While one outcome surely does not prove a general point, and his situation wasn’t identical to yours, perhaps bretakmf’s post in another thread will be of interest: