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11 Days of Cardio


Hey guys, first time posting.

In late January I'll be attending a KMG Instructor course for third party protection.
Basically its 11 days, training 8 hours a day. The days are a mix of intense sparring, partner drills and pad drills with 'easier' training sessions focusing more on perfecting technique, teaching methods, lectures etc. There is no weight training done at all.

On my last course I basically ate whatever I wanted. Pancakes for breakfast, chinese food for lunch and whatever I could get my hands on for dinner. Energy bars, fruits and nuts were always snacked on.

This time around I want to be a bit more careful with my nutrition. I have been cutting for the last 4 months and have achieved my goal of having a 6 pack (though I would still like to lose a little more bodyfat). My question is; what should my diet be like while on the course? What should my diet start looking between now and the course, should I keep cutting or does it need to change at all?



sound like you'll need all the energy you can get for the course - remember, future clients wont want you underperform because your calories are restricted , because they might die.
have fun!


Compare how active you are now, to how active you will be. Is it more, or is it less?
If it's going to be a slightly greater amount of training, then add in some calories (maybe even bring it up to current maintenance) and be able to perform at your peak.

If it's going to be slightly less, I would suggest to keep the same amount, not go lower. Sure, you're doing a cut but... You are there to learn how to protect someone else from harm, it works the same way as when you learn to protect yourself. Distractions will mess with your learning, don't let hunger or lack of energy be one. If you mess up, you could get someone hurt or killed, depending on future situations.


I would have whey protein on hand, I would also suggest some Surge Workout Fuel. Surge Recovery would work just as well.