11 Day Missed of Test E

I fucked up my first cycle of test e 375 a week because of being a pussy I was tripping on hair loss and thought I might have gyno and was just stressing too much I was barely getting any sleep felt like someone was sitting on my chest and would get bad anxiety so I decided to stop about 4 weeks in now 11 days off im I’m thinking about how I’m gna be suppressed and barely made any gainz i feel like just getting back on will t be okay to do that or should I just start pct and do it another time ?

hypothetically if you wanted to get back on, i mean, sure, you could. If you ask me, however, from what I just read, you should let this steroid thing go. You should probably take some nolvadex for PCT as an insurance policy. The usual recommended PCT protocol for nolva around here is 4 weeks long with the dosages per day, by week, being 40/40/20/20.

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Can u tell me how to run arimidex if my nipples start feeling funny? I was taking 1mg everytime I pin wich was twice a week

2mg a week of arimidex for 375mg/week of test is a lot. I did 1mg when I first started 220mg on trt and crashed my E2. It’s a great way to feel like crap.

You dont need to run Adex. Run Nolva instead, only if needed.

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I took half of a arimidex 1 week and that’s when my Nipples starting itching was thinking maybe I’m more prone to estrogen

So, you do know some estrogen is good for your body and necessary, correct? Look at it from a different stand point. Lets say you take that Adex and lowers your E2, which has negative effects. Could explain the sensation of itchiness. Does NOT mean you need to take more.

Effect, meet cause.

Well what would be the correct protocol if one was to feel those side effects ?

Step one would be to not take an insane dose (relative to your test) of a drug that you may not need any of. That’s probably a decent starting point.


You need to stop everything. Do a pct and research and read a hell of a lot more . You’re not ready for AAS