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11.92s 100m, Sprinting Potential?


Hey fellas.

So i’ve been doing sprint training on the treadmill for the past month or so, and i have no prior track experience. I recently went and timed my 100m sprinting (Not professionally and got 11,92 seconds. So qusetion is, do i have potentional to compete and do well? I’m 19 by the way. Thanks


Compete against men? No.


Not sure why you think this forum, or any forum for that matter, is qualified to judge whether or not you have “sprint potential” :smiley:

If you enjoy it, go for it. Do some track meets, they are fun.

If you like competing and hate losing, it’s a great experience.



If you went to high school, then why not compare your numbers to the school records?

FWIW, your time is about the same as mine when I first ran track in high school (14 yrs old). I was one of the slower sprinters on my track squad, but was faster than all but one of the running backs and receivers who played football. So I switched to football instead the next year.

If you like sprinting, and like the idea of competing, maybe consider a sport that will allow you to use your relative speed advantage without absolute speed being the primary goal.