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11/12/11 WNBF Worlds

@ Martin Luther King High School Campus, in New York City.

It’s essentially a Pro-Am, meaning that while it does have an amateur component (always following the Pros), most of the top Naturals Pros will be seen onstage competing against each other (Cordova, Whitacre, McGill…) in what the WNBF considers its top show.

Always a great contest, I’ve been going to the evening show since '06 when I first realized that they were held in NYC. This year though, I’m actually planning to watch the prejudging as well (scoping the competition! -lol).

Figured I’d post this up, see if anyone’s down for it, and maybe even grab some burgers at a local place I know (same place I hit up after the America & the Hercules last Spring!)


I was already planning on going. See you there. Any gyms nearby?

I honestly don’t know -lol. The last few times I was at that location was when I was competing, so my time spent between prejudging and night shows was spent in a semi-conscious state on the floor of the school. There’s gotta be something, I know my brothers hit up a gym when they came to see me in the America last Spring (same location).


Just bumping this as a reminder to anyone in the area who’d be down to see the Top Natty Pros in the WNBF battle it out onstage this Saturday (well, ‘THIS’ WNBF Pro will be sitting in the audience this year, but the rest will be onstage -lol).

If you have specific questions, just PM me, I’ve competed at the contest venue several times and know it fairly well.