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im thinkign of makign up a chest routine how does this sound

using the 10x3
flat bench press super set wiht flat flies

incline benchpress superset with incline flies

than throw in some cable cross overs or somehing along those lines

should i do the flies 10x3 also since they are supersets?

thansk for any reply negative or positive haha

Dude, do not waste your time doing supersets w/ flyes. Also, Cable crossovers will be of little benefit to you. Adding in these exercises will increase your total volume and take away from your strength. If your goal is to get bigger, stronger, and look better, you are best off sticking to compound exercises where heavy weights can be handled. Dips, Flat bench presses, Incline presses, Floor presses, and decline presses are all good exercises. Read the article about “junk” exercises and workouts. It was posted today, so it is right there for you. Apply this knowledge to your strength training.

That sounds like serious overtraining.

How about Bench Press 10x3, drink protein shake go home? Or you could throw in Dips 4x6 if you are feeling strong on that day.

That sounds like a mix between the Waterbury Method and OVT. I think that you should do bench, 10x3,(flat OR incline, alternate every couple weeks) on one day and then on another day you could do the press supersetted with the flyes, a la OVT. Try it out and see if it is too much or if you make any progress.

flies are okay in addition to proper compound work (bench press) but cable flies and cable crossovers are much more effective. you could also try chad waterbury’s sliding pushups in his massive chest article.

Given the high weight used in a 10x3 program, I imagine a warm up is reasonable. Usually I do a warm up set or two, but given the high number of sets already being performed, I wonder if that is still a good idea.

I’ll appreciate any response.

you could do a warm up set with a significantly lighter weight if you want, but it would probably be easier to just warm up with a light jog that lasts 10 minutes or so.

What I’ve done is modify the 10x3 into a 5x3 for two exercises, ie, 5x3 flat bench and then 5x3 incline bench with a weight I find heavy for those reps. Finish it off with 4x5 skullcrusher and call it a day. I just started this last week so can’t comment on results yet.

Good luck!