10x3 with Short Rest?

You do 10 sets with 3 explosive reps with the weight picked accordingly, rest between sets is about 30 seconds.
Would this program be any good (cant do cleans, because I cant drop the barbell) Would look something like this:
Day 1
Paused Squat 10x3
Paused Push Press 10x3
Bent Over Row 5x5
CGBP 5x5

Day 2
Paused Squat 5x5 @80% to recover
Deadlift 10x3
Paused Incline Bench Press 10x3
Bent Over Row 5x5 10% lighter than on Day 1

3 times a week

All lifts done with maximum explosiveness.
Sorry for my bad english (and probably bad post since its my first post here)

It’s likely that no one has answered this yet because we aren’t clear on your goals. What’s your goal?

Three times a week, you’ll deadlift and/or squat for 10x3. If, which I assume you will, you plan to do martial arts on top of that - don’t. If lifting is all you do, search for “Waterbury 10x3” - he’s written a lot about it.