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10x3 vs. 15x4

I want your opinions comparing CW’s 10x3 and Gironda’s 15x4. Which one gives more strength? Which one builds more mass? Which one is harder? Etc…

What’s harder 10x3 or 275x2?

I’d say it depends on which one your nervous system can handle. You could try both.

According to the Gironda File Volume I, the 15x4 is for the advanced man, or phisique contest entrant. It advises to work fast,which means 10-15 seconds between sets, and weight is not changed between sets. It advises a push/pull/legs three way split.

For these reasons, it is a short term program to build size only. Strength building is not a concern.

Which one is harder? Let us know.

You don’t include enough details. The 15X4 is harder IF you use the same exercises, the same weights, and the same rest intervals. In this case you would lift a total of twice as much weight on the 15X4. I am currently using a 16X3 and finding it is working great for building strength and hypertrophy.

I think any combination that uses the lower rep ranges (3-5) allows higher weights. Combine this with enough reps (I believe Waterbury recommends 36-50 for maximum hypertrophy) and it seems to work really well, at least for me. I also find a 10X5 seems to work well. Try both and see which works better for you. Or, start with a weight you have a hard time completing a 10X3 and see if you can build up to a 15X4.

[quote]BigDaddyT wrote:
The 15X4 is harder IF you use the same exercises, the same weights, and the same rest intervals.[/quote]

The nature of Gironda’s 15x4 states that you need short rest intervals, a lot shorter than CW’s 10x3. So the weights used, hypertrophy gained, strength, difficulty, etc. should be affected as well. I was wondering which one would give more of which given the nature of these methods.

Regardless, your opinions have been helpful so far. Thanks.

It doesn’t really matter.

Depending on what weight you use, how long you rest and how you lift the weight, both of them can be effective. I’ve tried 10x3 and 12x3 with heavy weight and it’s a motherfucker. 15x4 is more volume than weight unless you want to kill yourself.