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10x3, TBT, Growth Project

Hey Guys I have been brain storming about my training for a bulking phase and was wondering what you guys think (input from other always great). This came about because I tired TBT, 10x3’s and the Growth Surge project that came with MAG-10 I think. The part I would use from this is what I call TRIPLE STRIPS. If working chest the first movement is done in normal fashion 5 reps, then drop down in weight do the second 5 reps, and repeat for third. I reacted well to them all and thought I would try to combine them all. It would look like this:

week 1 = 10x3
week 2 = TBT
week 3 = TBT (A1/A2 format pairings)
week 4 = triple strips

I was also wondering if it might be best to finish with 10x3 instead of starting with it.

Just brainstorming, so would love any input you have. Oh yes this would be 3 days per week for 8 weeks.

Thanks guys

bump for input

Try it and tell us what YOU think!


thanx Dax…lol…I guess I will have to give a report, seems like no one has any input, I hope its just becuase they are not sure. I would hate to think they are not answering cause they I somewhere out in left feild with this approach. If that were the cause I would want to know. Oh well Guess I will give it a try and see the results.

If anyone has input I would love to hear it.

I’m a big fan of switching my workout every week. I usually do one week of 310 and one week of 55 with about one sesion of 10*3 each week. Rinse and repeat.

It’s worked wonders so far. I was thinking of having an entire 10*3 week, but I concluded that it would be too much.

Try it and tell us how it works.

You are the best experiment you have for a program! Only way to find out is to do it. A couple of thoughts - 10x3 and Drop sets can be powerfully intense methods. I would recommend one of your weeks you reducing your volume so that you have a week to back off. Week 2 TBT makes sense as it will be lower volume. You may even want to go one set less to give your body time to recoup. Another possible consideration would be switching week 3 and 4. My thought here is you are going to be doing heavys on in your 10x3 and tirple drop program, and you may want those seperated by higher rep work with TBT.

You have the right idea though - constant variation keeps your body guessing. If you add into it cycling your volume so that your body has a chance to rest, you will have a hell of a program!