10x3 Suggestions, CW?

How’s this 10x3/Waterbury method look:

Day 1:
Bench 10x3 @ 80% 120 sec rest
a1)Incline BB bench 3x8 10rm
a2) seated row 3x8 10rm
90 second rest between superset
b1) standing curls 4x6
b2) skull crushers 4x6
60 second rest between superset
c) Machine row 4x6 60 second rest
d) front/lateral riase combo 3x8

Day 2 off

Day 3:
Chins 10x3 80% 120 second rest
a1) dips 4x6
a2) bent over row 4x6
60 second rest
b1) conc. curls 3x8
b2) v-bar pushdowns 3x8
90 second rest
c) db bench 4x6, 60 second rest
d) elbows in ext. 4x6 60 second rest

Day 4: Leg day, not a 10x3, but 5x5

Day 5: off
Day 6:
Standing press 10x3
a1)decline 4x6
a2) 1-arm rown 4x6
60 second rest
b1) preacher curl 4x6
b2) close-grip bench 4x6
60 second rest
c) front pulldowns 4x6 60 second rest\

Here’s some side notes: I’m really trying to focus on my back and chest… This routine is only going to be used for about 8 weeks during which I’ll have some “anabolic help, var” and on a huge bulking diet… Now i know some of you are going to say var is not a bulking steroid, but I’ve had very, very good success with it in the past during a bulking diet… Basically, I just want to know if i need to change any exercises, rep ranges, or if you think even with the help of some anabolic friends that this may lead to overtraining? I’ll take any advice anyone has, especially CW. thank you in advance

I can’t say that I recommend concentration curls, but the rest looks good.