10x3 Question

hey guys is 10x3 for fat loss just a fat loss program…you know how you’re supposed to lift very heavy while you are cutting so you wont lose muscle? does 10x3 for fat loss help you not lose muscle while losing fat? im saying this because u only use 75% of ur max on lifts which isnt too heavy.

anyone done the program or just know if it’ll help me keep muscle or even maybe gain strength while cutting?

You wont see many strength gains during a cutting cycle, and consequently lifting during a fat loss period is mainly used to preserve muscle mass.

can i add some plyos with 10x3 for fat loss to try to maybe increase vert since im dropping fat

You seem awfully antsy to add plyometrics into training. I’d wait until you’re in a dedicated strength/power phase to do them, and not for longer than a few weeks.