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10x3 Increasing Weight vs 10x5 Linear Progression?

Is using 10 sets of 3 at various percentages (70,80,90,75,85,95,65,75,85) better than doing 10 sets of 5 at say 75% for size and strength??
Increasing 1kg for ohp and bench press, 2kg dl and squats every week and then deload to 90% and restart when stalling.

Depends on how you program week to week among other factors. But the pyramid scheme is probably better for strength.

Both ways work well enough. The percentages you suggest maybe not.

Tripling 90 or 95% or > frequently will probably smash you sooner rather than later unless you are a beginner. It you’d accumulate fatigue faster than you’d get stronger.

Correct me if I’m wrong, I’m only 1 coffee down this morning, but that looks like 531 the frequency project. In the notes for that Jim states that many trainees shit the bed with that level of frequency. His words, not mine.

U ain’t lifting hard enough if you don’t shit yourself a little


Facts. Hemorrhoids for dayysssss

I think it’s Spinal Tap with 3s progression.