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10x3 FSL?


Hi Jim/Everyone,

I usually do my FSL sets 5x5. That seems to be the most common style based on what I'm reading on the web.

However, I have recently come across a program that prescribes 10x3 supplemental worksets, and I thought it would be a neat idea to try with FSL.

It's obviously a little more volume than the traditional 5x5, and it seems like a nice change of pace thing that could break the monotony a bit.

Additionally, I like to superset my FSL movements w/ pullups/rows, so the volume for those movements will go up as well.

I'm sure someone has tried this already... any thoughts/advise?



Did you ask this on my Facebook page? I’m curious why you posted this twice in one day.


Hi Jim,

Yeah I did.
The post wasn’t updating on T-Nation even after a couple hours, and I got impatient.
I got the answer either way. Thanks for the help.