10x3 For Fat Loss-New Article in Science Daily

This article I think is good work that shows Waterbury’s 10x3 for fat loss is a really great idea. The article says that when the body cannibalizes itself, it goes for the biggest muscle filaments first. Therefore, I think the heavier you lift during fat loss, the more large muscle fibers you’ll keep


This is simply groundbreaking!

Yes, its a great idea for a bodybuilder to lift MORE than his off season poundage (considering you’re using a low rep range) while in a caloric deficit.

The low-reps for maintaining size makes a lot of sense, EXCEPT that once you reach a certain stage of development, its very very “risky” to torture your soft tissues, ligaments and so forth with the same (in fact heavier) poundage you were moving with a full tank of calories.

Then again, I accumulated ALL my injuries in the past while trying to lift heavy while leaning out and may be biased.

and yes - I know someone like Ronnie is known to keep lifting super-heavy 3 weeks out, but IMO its a huge risk. Remember who busted his knees trying to squat-hold 700 pounds during a photoshoot 4 weeks out? Personally, I believe if you can continue lifting the same way you were off-season, and drop off volume gradually while maintaining the poundage in a moderate rep range - at least till depletion. But cutting down while holding size is a very personal challenge imo…and doing it without gear changes things a LOT.