10X3 FFL Training Log - Newb Trying to Get Back Into the Gym

Well first public training log so I will try to do it right, but any help/critique is welcome. I am also writing this to see what benefits I get and can share with the community about Waterbury’s 10x3 FFL. First a quick intro:

Starting BW = 182lbs (BF%= I assume around 18-20%)
Goal = Get some muscle back and better midsection by my wedding March 25, 2017
History = I usually follow CT stuff for the past 3-4 years but get into and out of training as life tends to get in the way. My gym preference is big compound movements. I do have bad shoulders (2x Right Labrum surgery & Left shldr. isn’t much better) I have been sidelined minus some running for the past 3 months due to left wrist pain (possibly tendonitis)
Nutrition Goals: 1700 Cal. 25% Carbs/35% Fat/40% Protein - Limited Supps.

Alright so first real training log, please let me if there is a better way to put forth all this info or if I’m missing something or have so useless info. Thanks

W1 D1 (2/20) - 10x3, 45s between Sets
A Deadlift - 225lbs
B Chin-Ups - BW
C Front Squats(w/ Straps) - 115 lbs (Need to Increase, repped 10th set to 6)
D Dips - 12lbs assistance
Cycle Sprints 10 Mins (60s Low/30s High) - tried to keep above 28 mph on sprints

**Workout felt good, need to adjust the front squats but felt good to get back into moving some weights. Day after, by legs were feeling it as well as lower back. As some others mentioned, wow I was hungry after this. Nutrition - 1,429cal. 40/38/22 (C/F/P)

W1 D2 (2/21) - Jump rope - 10 Mins

**Had plans later that night so hit the rope at 5AM. I like to jump rope so I actually enjoyed the 10 mins, broke a good sweat, didn’t really take any breaks, only stopped when I messed up. Nutrition - 1,744cal. 27/31/42 (C/F/P)

W1 D3 - OFF **Calves were feeling it from the jump roping. Still a touch sore in the legs from Day 1 but wearing off. Nutrition - 1,467cal. 29/43/28 (C/F/P)

W1 D4 (2/23) - 10x3, 45s between Sets
A Back Squat - 185lbs (Need to increase)
B BO Row - 95lbs x 8 sets/ 115lbs x 2 sets
C Romanian Deadlifts - 185 lbs (Haven’t done these is far too long, need to concentrate on form)
D Standing Military Press - 85lbs (Need to increase)
Walk/Sprint Intervals 10 Mins (60s Low/30s High) - took sprints up to 10.5 mph

**Felt good, exhausted by the end. Hunger is still up. Standing Military is a little different for me, program says to start with 10RM for the 10x3, just feels really light for some exercises where I feel my 10RM is very low due to fatigue. Nutrition - 2,470cal. 36/49/15 (C/F/P)

W1 D5 (2/24) - OFF Nutrition - 2,116cal. 30/38/32 (C/F/P)
W1 D6 (2/25) - Jump Rope 11 mins - Did 2.5 mile walk at pretty fast speed right before, again calves felt the jump roping. Nutrition - 3,365cal. 22/55/23 (C/F/P)
W1 D7 - Supposed to be off, but switched out for W2 D1 (2/26) - 10x3, 40s between Sets
A Deadlift - 245lbs
B Pull Downs - 50lbs with a good squeeze and hold at bottom
C Front Squats(w/ Straps) - 135 lbs
D Dips - 12lbs assistance
Cycle Sprints 11.5 Mins (60s Low/30s High) - tried to keep above 28 mph on sprints

**Felt a little tired, especially upper body when attempting Chin-ups first but then switched to CG Pulldowns. Nutrition - 1,545cal. 23/49/28 (C/F/P)

Disclaimer: Came down with something on Monday(2/27), sinuses, cold, allergies, something which pretty much sidelined me until Friday, where I went out of town for my bachelor party so I will be picking W2 D1 back up on 3/6) Nutrition was all over during the week, between not eating some days and sticking to my typical diet on the others. Tracking my diet has been a little bit of an eye opener, I feel I have been much better about reducing/eliminating processed foods, and maybe I need a smarter tracker because even eating big portions of veggies bring the carb numbers up

W2 D1 (Monday 3/6) - 10x3, 40s between Sets - Repeated this workout after a week of sickness
A Deadlift - 235lbs - wrist strap, had a really knurled bar that was tearing up my hands
B Chin-Ups - Assisted for better form (18 lbs)
C Front Squats(w/ Straps) - 135 lbs
D Dips - 12lbs assistance
Cycle Sprints 11.5 Mins (60s Low/30s High) - tried to keep above 28 mph on sprints

**Felt great to be back into the gym after the break. Keeping a strict 40s rest really gets to you by set 10! Nutrition - 1,405cal. 33/41/26 (C/F/P)

W2 D2 (3/7) - Scheduled jump rope for 11 mins, instead hit a walking trail for 4 miles of moderate walking with the fiance. Nutrition - 1,202cal. 33/37/30 (C/F/P)

W2 D3 (3/8) - Off day turned into workout #2 - 10x3, 45s rest, increased weight 1.5-2%
A Back Squat - 205lbs
B BO Row - 125lbs
C Romanian deadlifts - 195 lbs, back tightened up, dropped to 11 for last 3 sets
D Standing Military - 105lbs, dropped to 95lbs for last 2 sets
Treadmill Sprints 11.5 Mins (60s Low/30s High) -

**Legs felt like jell-o after these runs. back was tight for next 2 days. Improved romanian form when starting from rack instead of floor, possibly tweaked back from this. Nutrition - 1,260cal. 35/30/35 (C/F/P)

W2 D4 (3/9) OFF Nutrition - 1,561cal. 37/37/25 (C/F/P)
W2 D5 (3/10) - Jupe rope - 12 Mins
W2 D6 (3/11) - OFF
W2 D7 (3/12) - OFF

**Only hitting 2 weight sessions a week brings some questions up for me. Does my soreness remain because I’m not in the gym as much? However, I feel like my smaller muscle groups (bis,tris,shoulders) feel the fatigue fairly quickly when not taking the recommended days off between.

Nice log, not many people train this way so it’s interesting to read.
Is there a reason for such low calories?

@caesium32 thanks, I normally log everything in a journal, decided to share it a bit this time and see if there is any forum feedback. As for the low calories, I am trying to cut my midsection down right now, so I figure cutting the calories is the obvious choice. Tracking them really opens my eyes to how few calories I normally take in each day. Part of the low calorie numbers, and maybe a clear need to reevaluate my overall nutrition, is I don’t typically have anything before 10am besides a cup or two of black coffee. Nutrition is definitely a tough spot for me, trying to self-test and figure some stuff out

I have a similar problem only I’m trying to gain weight. How fast are you losing weight so far?

@caesium32 4 pounds after the first 2 weeks, so not too crazy.


Alright, so knocked out a few more workouts since my last post and stuck to the same diet, maybe even a little stricter with the diet by dropping basically all processed foods for the final 2 weeks leading to the wedding. Will update once I get my log book in front of me, forgot it today. Final weight was down 7lbs(175# BW) since initial weigh in.

Overall, I still enjoyed the workouts, biggest thing to get used to is the limited sessions per week. My plan now after a week and a half off for wedding and honeymoon is to get in, test some true 1RM on Deadlift, Back Squat, Front Squat, and Military Press to give me a better approach to re start this program again. Probably spend the next 2 weeks testing and hitting some additional work. Also trying to figure out the best approach to my diet, basically everywhere on T-Nation I feel like its Eat Big!, so I think that is the way to go but man I struggle with getting in all that protein/calories without resorting to several protein shakes a day. Again, any advice is very welcome!