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10x3 Feedback


Hi guys,

I am new to here but i like the stuff so i gave the Set Rep Bible a try.

My programm was this one:
3 times per week
every muscle group
scheme:monday 10x3 75 sec rest vor sup.sets
wednesday:4x10 straight sets 90 sec rest
friday:4x6 3 minutes rest-straigh sets

Porgression was on monday 2,5%more weight every week wednesday one rep more(until reaching 4x12 then back to 4x10 with more weight) friday one more set per week (till 6x6 then starting over with more weight)

Great stuff i am in the 3 month now and all I changed is the 10x3 paramter to 7x2 and now to 3x3.
I like 10x3-I got to 90%of my 1rpm in the 10 sets of 3 reps-but more wasnt possible so i switched.
If you want to reach the most with this method-I recommend goin on like me-the suxcess is much bigger and a good combination.

My question is,is it possible to stay with this programm and only switching (if stagnating) the different parameters.F.ex f I am stuck in the 3x12 I will switch to 6x4-other exercise and other rest intervalls-will this do the trick,or have i also switch the frequency (delayed train effect)

If the first case is true,I want to stick to a routine like this:

wed 4x10

if I am stucked:


stucked again:


and from the beginning (of course different rests and exercises involved)

do you think is this possible for a "life time period." i know nothing is forever-but with this period.is it a possiblity?

Hope to hear from you!



come on guys no suggestions...=(


nothing works forever,if your routine stops working find a new one or alter yours to fit your personal needs,it looks like you have your plans so....use them


wed 4x10

is very similar to what CW talks about in the Art of Waterbury. I would recommend you also take a look at Total Body Training, and his strength focused Mesocycle. All of his programs are great. I believe the Art of Waterbury, TBT, and SFM would give you enough variety in your parmaters that you could cycle those for a life time. What you are basically trying to do is periodize your workouts based on when results begin to fall off. That is definitely one approach. Given the ample experience of most people on this sight that stagnation begins to set around 4 weeks of doing the EXACT same thing, I would build a plan that has alterations occuring at that point. It could be a roation in parameters, frequency, volume, exercises chosen, etc.

If you really like parameters you have chosen, then my recommendation would be spend 3 weeks doing them, and on the 4th week alter aggresively, like
M: 3x15-18 W: 15x1 F: 2x25. Then, start the next Month with the same parameters but completely different exercises.

Good luck, the best way to find your path is to do the work, measure the results, modify a variable, and repeat!


You would find with any program that a continued linear progression is impossible after a decent time, plan your training along a wave e.g. 100 kg, 105 kg, 110 kg, 102.5kg, 107.5kg, 112.5kg, 105kg, 110kg,115kg also plan a rest week every 3 months.


Well you did good by going to this site to ask questions.....No matter what you goal is there is someone here that can help you.

The 10X3 is very tasking on you body and you need time to recuperate. To be effective you need to hover around the 85% - 90% of 1rm. Starting out is great but once your weights start moving up your body will not beable to take it and you end up overtrained. If you like the total body work-outs I would start to look at the total body workouts here on the site....or if you like the rep scheme you are doing then look to going to a split program.

Good luck and I hope everything goes good for you in you workouts.



Thank chris for you feedback.

One think i don?t like at the TBT is the total change of paramters every week.
Sure variation is important,but for me it is irritating cause I cannot see a progression and don?t know with which new weight I have to start new every week.
Do you think it will be enough to switch between a the Strength focused meso cycle and following workout:

The 6x6 will be 4x6 till 6x6 it is a little strenght day,so that during this hypertrophy cycle my IK will not go away.

When i am stagnatin i will switch to the SFM and atart over again.
Good idea in your eyey chris?


thank you,i hope it will work!


Sorry i don?t get the point.
Whats the difference when you plan with this weight wave or a rep wave like 4x10 6x6 5x3?


Thank you-I like the forum much-the guys are really kewl and nice-there are other forums where the contra is the case.
Also good luck to you!!


As I am not an expert, this is just my opinion. I would recommend you read both the Set-Rep Bible by CW and Locked and Loaded by CT. Both are great examples of strcutruing core workouts. Based on what you like to do, which is a very important part of working out, I would do something like the following:

Week 1-3 M 10x3 W 3x10 F 4x6
add weight, reps, or sets each week
Week 4 Deload M 5x3 W 1x10 F 2x6
Week 5-6 M 3x15 W 4x8 F 2x20

CW's programs are all right along these lines. You could also consdier the following

Art of Waterbury
Strength Focused Mesocycle
-week off
Watebury Method
-Week off, repeat

Most importantly, do what you are willing to do! If you feel burned out, take time off, change the parameters, for a few weeks, and the go back to what you enjoy.


I would be a little concerned about your 10x3 session on the Monday. You say it is for every muscle group, which makes it a very demanding workout and creates a high possibility of overtraining. If you have a look at the Waterbury Method, which I think was the first program on this site that CW used 10x3, you will see that there is only 1 main exercise per workout that uses 10x3. The rest are 4x6.

I reckon you could cycle TBT, WM and SFM for the rest of your life quite satisfactorily. You mentioned that you didn't like the change of the parameters in TBT, but you may be missing the point of the program, it is based on conjugate periodisation where all strength qualities are developed simultaneously. This is often a feature of CW's programs. There are also "back-off" weeks built in e.g. the days where there are only 2 sets of any exercise. This prevents overtraining.

I would suggest cycling through this progression: TBT,WM,TBT,SFM. This allows you to rotate between the more hypertrophy-focused TBT and the functional strength WM. The SFM would then kick in each 6 months to allow you to bump up your limit strength and perform better on the other programs. As explained in the SFM article it is only a mesocycle and is not to be used all the time.

I hope this helps.