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10x3 Fat Loss With Different Cardio?

I am following the 10 x 3 For Fat Loss by Chad Waterbury.

However I do not know if exercise will be the same without the treadmill and health rider(glider). Do you think I would be harming myself if I mixed in 20 min(half sprint, half walking) and 20-30 minutes of the health rider instead of the jump roping? Because personally I have never found jump roping that great of an exercise lol

My mother-in-law has a health rider. My grandmother had one too. I’m just saying.

I don’t think you’ll get any near the benefit from the health rider as you will from jumping rope. Jumping rope has a much higher metabolic impact, which will burn more fat (which is the point, right?). You’ll quickly learn why it’s really a great exercise.

Let your mother ride the health rider; you should jump rope, like a man.

I think palindrome is right. Jump rope is far superior to glider or treadmill. But to each his own.

Maybe do bike sprints instead of jump rope, if you have a hard time with jump rope.

I dont mind jump roping or dropping the health rider. But do I also have to drop the treadmill? I am checking in with people who have more experience because I dont want to lose my mass again. Yes my goal is to lose fat. I am trying to clean up the layer of fat on my stomach.