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10x3 And Muscular Endurance

In advance, I appreciate any help or advice.

Previous Workout
Day 1 Upper Heavy 4x6 SetsxReps
Weighted Chins
Incline DB Press
Rows BB or DB
Weighted Dips
Military Press

Day 2 Lower Heavy 4x6
Full Squats
SL Deadlifts
Some quick calves

Day 3 Upper Hypertrophy 3x12
Same Exercises as D1, bodyweight instead of weighted for those excercises

I am now using a 10x3 styled routine and have completed 1 solid workout.

My question concerns what I should expect in terms of effect on muscular endurace, specifically maximum rep pullups. I am currently in the 18-20 range. I plan on using this 10x3 for 4 weeks, then using a higher rep program for another 4 week cycle.

My 10x3
A-Weighted pullups
B-Weighted Dips
1 Set A, 1 minute rest, 1 Set B, 1 minute rest, repeat

A-Full Squats

A-Military Press or Incline Press

Thank you for your time.
I hope to reach 25 deadhang chinups, and the use of a lower rep program such as this is new to me. I believe that the overall volume of the 10x3 and the rapid pace of the two movements will still be valid in terms of endurance maintanence or increases.

In short, from your experiences, will a low rep routine such as a 10x3 lead to a negative effect on endurance work?

If you never did any endurance work, yes… however as often quoted by many of the writers on this site especially Cressey, you can’t have strength-endurance without maximum strength.

I just did a long run on the 10x3 for bench dead and squat. The problem is that I didn’t apply it to pullups. I just used those as a secondary exercise on deadlift day at a 6x6 set/rep scheme. Never noticed any changes in my number of pullups no matter what I do. They have allways stayed at between 12 and 15. It has never been a focal point.

Anyhow, I don’t see how it would hinder work capacity if you build some ff muscle, then follow up with volume again.

Summon the Zebster(Zeb). He’s da man when it comes to pullups and chins.

I appreciate the responses.

I’m considering restructuring the workout slightly to incorporate some bodyweight work in preparation for an upcoming pft. I will also have to take a week off from the workout during the week of the test, as past experience has shown considerable benefit from this.

Mon AM-run PM-Workout
A-Weighted pullups
B-Weighted Dips
1 Set A, 1 minute rest, 1 Set B, 1 minute rest, repeat

Tues Empty or an activity missed from Mon

Wed AM-run PM 5 set pull/chins 12-12-10-10-8

Thurs 200 easy pushups, sets of 20 throughout the day

Fri AM-run PM-WO
A-Full Squats

A-Military Press or Incline Press

Sun Off