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10th week Day 7 of 12wk Get Shredded Diet


Completed programs:
Current programs: “Get Shredded Diet”
Future programs: "Bill Starrs 5x5 (intermidiate)

Squat 275

Age: 29
Height: 5’9
Get shredded start weight: 176lbs
Get shredded finish weight:

My current work out looks something like this, I change maybe one exercise each time but nothing serious, like barbells to dumbbells, sitting vs standing, incline vs flat.

A: (normally Saturday)

Alt sets
Chin up

Shoulder giant set
DB Millitary press
Front laterals
Side laterals
Rear laterals

Back ext

Chest Press

35 min swim

A1: (normally Sunday)

Light abs
HIIT 25mins
Swim 35 mins

B: (normally Monday)

Alt sets
Bench Press

DB military press

Snatch and clean

Upper back machine

35 min swim

B1 (normally Tuesday)

heavy abs
HIIT 25mins
Swim 35 mins

C: (normally Wednesday)

Alt sets
Upright rows

Incline Dumbbell press
Reverse lunge

Pec dec

Bicep curls
Overhead tricep extention

35 min swim

C1 (normally Thursday)

25min HIIT
35 min swim

Friday off

All HIIT and swimming is done progressively, I try for a little bit more speed or more distance each week.

My goal with all this is fat loss.

Week 9 day 4 of my “get Shredded Diet”

Today I went well under my daily target of 1600 calories, stupidly. During my HIIT and swimming after work I had the shakes bad style. So had a sports drink and some nuts, prolly still under my target.

This was me on day 1

Now I know what you are going to say

“what the fuck are doing trying to lose weight? You should be on a major bulking spree!”

To that I say… fuck it, it’s what I want to do.


last, side

So no pics of current state?

1600 calories? Really? How did you come up with that number? If you are trying to lose weight, then I suggest checking out Berardi’s latest article on G-Flux. Basically, you need to increase your calories and your activity level.

wow replies!

Why 1600? well according to the “get shredded diet” you take your body weight in pounds (mine was 160) and times it by 10 to get the amount of calories you aim for a day…

It is an extreme diet.

As for the G-flux thing, I read it, I totally love. I want to try it and I will once I have finished this diet.

and as for current photos… well, I’ll put em up

Crappy progress pics taken by meself.

At the end of the 12 weeks I’ll get good ones (well, better ones)

Today was my one off day of the week.

FINALLY got round to getting myself a “recovery drink”.

Weider Revcover, its the only one I could find here in Japan.

From what I can tell, your abs are shining through, good work.

[quote]N522PB wrote:
Crappy progress pics taken by meself.

At the end of the 12 weeks I’ll get good ones (well, better ones)[/quote]

You’ve definitely lost fat, so kudos for you. On such an extreme diet (calorie wise), I consider this to be on level with the Velocity Diet.

When doing VD, one has to be careful to not overdo anything exercise wise. I’m not saying you are overdoing it, but how has your body reacted to such a low level of calories? Has your strength decreased? Have you been able to track bf%?

How has my body reacted?

My calorie breakdown looks something like this:

protein 40%
fat 40%
carbs 20%

all my carbs come from broccoli and carrots, the rest of the food I eat is all chicken, tuna, lean beef and cottage cheese, tofu… etc.

  1. I go to the toliet a million times a day (due to the low carbs).
  2. I get really bad mood swings.
  3. Somedays (usually if ive missed a meal or had less calories than I should have) I get the shakes, very low energy levels.

strength wise, I’m fine. I’ve actually and this came as a real suprise… increased my squat and deadlift.

I weight myself and do my body fat every morning at 6am, after waking up and hitting the toliet. Its only one of those crappy tanita body fat scales things, forget the technically term… but they are supposed to be worst way to measure bf… so I only take it as a very rough guide.

1st day of my diet I was

81.2kgs - 178lbs
17.6 bf%

Today, this morning I was

71.7 kgs - 157lbs
11.7 bf%

So, so far 20lbs weight loss and 6 bf points. To be honest though, I think I’ve lost a lot of muscle. I feel so much smaller that I used to. I used to be able to feel my chest stretching a couple of shirts, now… nowhere close.

9th week day 6,

couldn’t write yesterday. For some reason T-Nation wouldn’t let me on the site or kept crashing me.

Weights day, did a good hr in the gym and then swam.

9th week day 7,

HIIT, swimming and abzzzzzzzzzzzzz. (abs took 5 mins)

Everything is going well in the mirror but my crappy tanita body fat measuring thing tells me I’m not losing any fat… the mirror says I am.

10th week day 1,

Morning, 4 weeks to go… don’t want to go to the gym today. I want to relax and watch dvds or something.

Nice, keep up the work.

Actually went to the gym yesterday and got everything done, it was all okay once I actually got in there and got my pre workout shake down my neck.

10th week day 2

was just abs 5mins
HIIT 25mins
30 min swim

My energy levels were so low today, I was feeling sick. I think it might be something to do with having lost 6lbs in the last couple of days.

My weight is going well down, the mirror looks okay… but I’m hung up on the fact my stupid tanita bf tester keeps telling me I’m at 11.6%… I’ve been around that for the last 2 weeks despite droping like 8lbs.

So is it the stupid meter?
Or am i really losing that much muscle?

BF scales are dumb.

Losing muscle? maybe… losing fat? maybe… losing both? maybe…

Go get tested if you want to be positive, or ditch it all and look in the mirror/pictures/tailor tape measurements for actual feedback.

10th week day 3

Did my workout and swim at 10ish which is a change for me, I normally work out at about 5ish.

Anyone know what the ?best time? to work out is supposed to be? I read something by that tibs that it was late morning and somewhere else that its early evening. Not that this is keeping me up at night or anything.