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10mg of Test a Day

For those here who think @dbossa is the only authority on T, there is a forum with a famous bodybuilder who recommends 5-10mg(wow, where have I heard of 70mg a week before?) of T a day. For those following the recent thread dust-up on TRT vs. TOT further confirmation that you don’t need get yourself supra and deal with high hematacrit, high blood pressure, etc. in order to feel good.

I’ve reduced my dosage to 50! of TE per week and finally have had my libido go up, and all other problems eliminated.

You can google Emeric and “10mg” and see all the positive comments.

Thanks for this. Dbossa is no authority on trt. Any sane person who comes to these forums hopefully use it to gather information for research on their condition.

I am one that says no one should start at more than 100 a week. There is no other f way to determine least amount to take care of symptoms.

My urologist says almost all his patients are near 100 a week.

If your levels are within range, you have another f disease, medical dx, or diet problem .

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70/w was not at all good for me. At 115/w I do fine. At 200/w I do great, but it’s unnecessary. I think it’s silly to assume that there’s one magic number out there that encompasses every living male. People should find the dose that works for them. Unless they’re wildly out of range it shouldn’t be anyone’s concern what that actual amount is.


Can you let me know what the downsides to 70/w were? I’m feeling great now but only a few weeks into this 50/w protocol. Anything I should look out for?

TRT is supposed to be about making you FEEL better, not making labs better.

If you feel better and the labs results aren’t wacky, you’re dialed in.

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Our ex-president was banging porn stars with a T level around 500. I think less is more.

I take that back. His actually reported level was 441.

There is no evidence that Obama was banging porn stars.


Whatever you know what I mean…he had a level of 441. Someone explain why more is better. Can’t stand the guy but he was undoubtedly a horn dog.

Yeah, just joking around.

I think libido is only loosely related to T levels. It is individual too. I have higher libido at lower doses like 150 - 200 mg/wk compared to 600 mg/wk. More isn’t always better for libido. Probably more is better for physique though.

Now that brings up another point. I remember reading somewhere that muscle didn’t differ for men who were within the physiological range. Basically your muscle was the same if you were 450 or 800 as long as diet and resistance training was on point. Wish I could remember where I saw the reference.

Clearly you have zero understanding of my position on the topic of TRT. If you did, you wouldn’t have just said that. That is not my position whatsoever.

If the physicians I deal with found success doing this, they’d be doing it. They only want to do what works and what they can demonstrate. I was riddled with symptoms even at 200mg a week. If I took 35-70mg a week I would have most likely killed myself. This type of protocol works for outliers - a tiny fraction of the population. The vast majority of men would not have symptom resolution at that dose. Sorry, but this is absolutely, demonstrably false. At 50mg a week doing well, you are a 1 in 5000 case… and I’m probably being conservative here.

There is by starting them at a proper dose that works on the majority of men and the lowering the dose slightly over time to determine the minimum amount required to resolve symptoms. This is in stark contrast to starting too low, which is what you’re suggesting, and continuing to raise over a long period of time, delaying the amount of time it takes to get the guy better. We want to get the guy better sooner rather than later and THEN make adjustments. Not take a year to get him better which is a year he’ll never get back.

This is your opinion. It is, again, demonstrable nonsense.

I always giggle when people make statements like these. It’s comical.

So if you had President Trump’s 441 level, you would kill yourself. Something is very, very wrong here.

I think Mike Isratael did a video about this

You are making the assumption that you know what my serum levels were at 100mg a week. Can you tell me what they were please? Also, what symptoms did I have at said level?

The article " How Much Do Variations In Physiological Testosterone Matter To Your Gains?" on Weightology has some pretty good information basically backing up the idea that in range there isn’t a difference.

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For me it was kind of a low grade depression. Trt essentially cured me of my depression and anxiety, but when I went down too low it started to creep back in. So kind of a ‘meh’ outlook coupled with a decrease in interest in sex. Not a huge decrease, but for someone who’s ready to go 22/24 hours of the day it was noticeable. I also got a lot more beat up every morning after I’d lift. It was like the feeling I had pre-trt when even a light day at the gym felt like I’d been hit by a plow truck.

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I have no idea…maybe you’re an outlier and didn’t have a 441 level at 50-75mg a week. But the vast, vast, vast majority do.

Thanks…I’ll keep an eye out for that. And I’m glad you actually named the symptoms. I keep hearing people like @dbossa say things like “until symptoms resolve” and never naming the symptoms. I know that at higher level of doses I can name the symptoms…high hematocrit, people asking me why my face is so red, higher blood pressure, higher pulse rate to name a few.

Isratael is listed as one of the professionals that use this guys info. Makes sense