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10kg to Lose for Feb 9th Meet. Tips?

Everyone I personally know (myself included) seems to have a significant drop in competition performance once a water cut (with 24 hour weigh ins) goes much above 5% of your body weight.

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You still have like 9 weeks too right? This will be a breeze.

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Haha I wish, I have 2 days. Weigh in is Saturday. Its @weightliftingwithoutlimits that has 9 weeks.

5lb over this morning.


What is your current protocol to loose this weight in such a short space of time?

So I was 13lb up one week out.

Sunday - Low carbs, normal water

Monday - 11lb to go. Zero carbs 2+ gallons of water, salt all food, add electrolytes to water

Tuesday - 9lb to go. Zero carbs 2+ gallons of water, salt all food, add electrolytes to water

Wedenesday - 7lb to go, Zero carbs 2.5-3 gallons water, salt all food, add electrolytes to water

Thursday - 5.5lb to go, Zero carbs 2.5-3 gallons water, no added salt

Fridays plan - Zero carbs. 1-1.5 gallons of water by midday, then no more water until weigh in. Cut off food at about the same time, hard boiled eggs for lunch, no dinner.

how do you manage work and travel when you ned to piss all day from all the water?

Good question. Work’s ok, I work in finance, desk job, so during the day there are no issues, i just piss every half hour.

I do commute an hour each way though, so I typically try not to drink in the hour before I go home, and dont have too much before i leave for work, just a couple cups of coffee.

catheter or diaper

I hope you’re being facetious. I mean I get dedication, and I’m competitive, but if that’s what was required to make weight, i’d suck it up and move up a weight class.

Hey man, you have guys taking enemas and stuff like that, why not?

I once cut about 6lbs for a meet, it was terrible. I basically couldn’t go anywhere that didn’t have a toilet. Fortunately I took the week off of work, because that wouldn’t have worked out at all. I remember I went grocery shopping, I pissed before leaving, pissed as soon as I got to the store, and once I got back in my car I needed to piss again, almost pissed my pant on the way home. Every time I pissed it looked like the toilet was going to overflow. Water became the most disgusting thing, I was glad when I cut off water at the end. I’m not doing that again unless it’s for a world record or some serious money, I just can’t stand it.

I don’t see the need unless its a 2 hour weigh in. Anything up to 8lb I would cover the other bases before I went to dehydration.

Ive already lost 7.5 this week and Im still at maximum water intake, and still a few tricks left before cutting water. If i wasn’t still so far away I’d give upwith the water load.

Also, surely a mild laxative, or just switching to liquid diet a few days out would be easier than that?

I guess cutting carbs down to almost zero and salt alone as well as reducing portion sizes can allow you to loose a shit ton of weight alone within a week.

Absolutely. Everything i’ve lost so far this week, so far 7.5lb, is just from no carbing. Probably another 1-2lb left as well, but training volume is super low and im not in a deficit (deliberately), so the depletion rate is slower than it could be.

What other bases?

I followed the directions in Chris Duffin’s article on cutting weight, he said that up to about 8lbs should have no affect on strength and can even boost performance.

Have you seen Chris Duffins steroids cycle? The dude is on enough drugs for his meets to create his own pharmacy. I doubt he has to worry about loosing too much strength even from a water cut.

depends what you use to cut the 8lb.

What weight cutting tchnique is going to boost performance, I dont know of a single one other than acctual fat loss.

Gastric emptying, worth a couple lbs
Glycogen depletion (needs 24 hour weigh in), worth 8lb for me, more the more muscle you have
Calorie deficit, worth maybe a lb in the last week
Reduced salt intake, worth a lb maybe.

All of these require no water loading, and no day of dehydration.

I would lose something, but not that much. I always cut down on carbs (and pretty much food in general) the week of the meet because I’m barely training and that seems to reduce my appetite quite a bit.

Im talking literally zero carbs, not net zero, or low, absolute zero. might need to cut them earlier, but empty glycogen is empty glycogen, and that comes with a lot of water weight.

My diet the week before the meet is gonna be simply lean ground beef with salad lmao.

Then after weigh in on friday morning gonna hammer the fuck out of nandos.