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10kg to Lose for Feb 9th Meet. Tips?

So I will be competing in the 82.5kg class in Feb 9th (untested).

Honestly, I expected to be slightly lower at this point, but I haven’t really went into diet mode yet.

As this weight class is on a different day (placed with the women’s weight classes), my hotel, bookings and flights have all been booked. Had to do this early for work reasons.

So it’s game on.

I have 10kgs to loose

Any tips from tested or untested lifters how to best approach this.

I was hoping to get close to some records but with weight to loose, I think that will have to wait until next time.

Many thanks!

At your weight I would imagine you could water cut 4-6kg assuming it’s 24hr way ins, so just slowly lose 5kg and water cut the rest.

It’s 24hr.

For information, on low test, high tren and superdrol.

As said above, 4-5kg is a doable last week weight cut with a 24 hour weigh in, so your minimum weight loss target is 5-6kg, with anything above that a bonus. so you’re looking at say 12lb over what 10 ish weeks? 1lb a week shoudln’t be hard, but you’ll either have to restrain yourself over christmas or do 2lb a week up until Christmas, and then probably the same rate after that.

Im 87.5kg as of yesterday, and competing next weekend at 82.5. Pretty confident I’ll make that with glycogen depletion and a small water cut. Famous last words i guess.

Not sure whether this will be good news, or bad news, but If you are still competing in the BPU then if you weigh in over, they will still let you compete on the day you were initially scheduled top compete. Its less fuss to put 90kg class on the score sheet than it is to change flights one day out. So if you’d rather go up a weight class, just go up a weight class.

No I’m gonna go for the cut

And try and aim for records.

With the BPU as well.

Good luck in your meet

Go for it, try to lose 1-2lb a week and you’re golden. With pharmaceutical support it should be simpler long term, not having to worry about catabolism and strength loss as much. Not sure how it will affect hunger though.

Worth trying, should be doable. Raw or classic? Classic at 82.5 has some reasonably high numbers, not sure about raw.

Thanks dude, good luck cutting over Christmas! ha I don’t envy you there. Hard enough cutting for the first week of December.

Classic raw. Would love 280kg for the meet in squat

I thought Wylie hit 300+ at the Irish Pro, he might have gone up to 90 for that though. His DL was definitely 315 at 82.5 though, think that’s the record for raw and classic though.

Big squat, envious.

Some strong guys about xD

Have you ever dieted before? You’ll need a fairly aggressive deficit to drop that much in 10 weeks, but it can be done.

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If you think you have a really good shot at records I would say to cut. If it is a really small chance, I say go up a weight class, and for sure hit the numbers you want. After hitting them, then you can diet and hit them in the next meet at 82.5 kg.

I would rather hit my lifts than make my weight class, but I am not all that competitive in the sport.

Tighten calories, add in some minimal cardio, lose 5kg over time, water cut the last 5.

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If you’re serious about setting some records then maybe consider hiring this guy to coach you, seems that with his approach to training/nutrition/“supplements” you can cut weight and still get stronger:

Contrary to the universal opinion of all athletes, all my students, when they changed their usual weight category to a lower one, always gained strength. And this is not about the coefficient (although it naturally becomes even higher and more profitable), but literally about the sum of the three exercises.

You should be able to cut 15 pounds (8 kgs more or less) just water without issues. I did that several times to make 105 kg in Strongman with no ill effects.

I have a few MMA guys at my gym who have done a ton of water cuts. Will ask em how they do it. Thanks for the help guys!

This thread go me thinking about my own weight. I’ve never cut more than a few lbs of water weight and never had strength or energy issues with it.

What’re ppl who have cut 10-15+ lbs for a meet results? Significantly hurt? Or not enough to worry about?

My goal has been to get a few lbs above 198 and cut (207 at the moment) but could I be shooting for a lower weight class without hurting my lifts that much? I’m a natural lifter so won’t have anything helping.

I’d love to hear you guys results on cutting water abd meet results vs expectations for that meet.

Do this…

and/or tack these on to the end of your current workouts…

Diet: just do a very small deficit but make super clean food choices

I usually cut around 10-12lb, I’ve always hit at least a few PBs in comp. I have a 24 hour weigh in though. If I’d had to compete on the same.day as weigh in, I feel like my lifts may have, and squats certainly would have, suffered.

hows the cut coming along? Will you make it?

On track so far, I’ll definitely make it, just going to be a question of how hard I have to work. I’m looking to do it with no forms of hyperthermia treatment, just water and glycogen manipulation.

I was 13lbs over on Sunday morning, I’m just over 6lbs over this morning, and obviously haven’t cut water yet, though most of the easy glycogen weight has gone.

I’ll have to see how I weigh Friday evening though, might need some hot Baths worst case scenario