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106 lb Kettlebell


Aka "the beast". I'd like to see someone do a bottoms up press with this bad boy for reps:


jesus lazurus john the baptist...


It's great for workin' the erector peni.


I'm certified as an RKC, and even I think that's ridiculous. Why do you need a 100+ lb. kettlebell? For the price they have listed, you could get a whole barbell set, which, if you're interested in gaining strength, would get you a lot farther.

If you want to snatch it, just start learning the barbell snatch.

Oh well.

Dan "WHY GOD WHY?!" McVicker, RKC


Apparently, there's some Russian dude who can do a bottoms up press with a 40 kilo ... with another 40 key balanced on top. Think about that for a while, then ask yourself... "why"?

Dan "deadlifts" McVicker


Let's not get into the economic foolishness of Kettlebells, we could be here all day!


Agreed. The beast is a little over the top if you ask me.


It is indeed foolish and unnecessary, yet I actually think it's pretty cool. Life is too short not to act a little foolish sometimes -- we all need toys. But you could definitely figure out a way to get a similar product at a lower cost.


I like high rep work with bands better. You really can isolate and feel the pump.


My immediate thought was that this would be used for pistols. And one-legged deadlifts.


The real problem is the price --- I mean, that would not be anything wrong from buying it if it was on the same (or similar) price of a 106lbs dumbbell...

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