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105's Here I Come!



Started at 75.xx Kg or so back in the summer of 98, last comp on Saturday I weighed in at 96.2kg.

English : 240
British : 260

English : 255
British : 275


Adding protein shakes back in to my diet now.

I won't go crazy but it's nice to not monitor my food intake and having to cut down back to the 94's. No rush to the 105's as it'll take me some time to fill out to 105 morning weight and then a solid 105. I'm not even a solid 94 but it's easier for me to go up then cut to be solid and lose strength whilst I'm at it...I learnt that lesson!

What are your countries standard for the Nationals?



In Canada you only need to hit 258 as a 105 to compete at nationals. I don't think the standards in general are very high in Canada though. At least, I've heard the Quebec federation has been rumbling about raising the standards for a few years now to thin out the competition at nationals and make it a little more elite (and perhaps a little more french while they're at it, sneaky bastards).

And welcome to the coolest weight class there is. No other weight class can boast a lifter who's so giant and jacked and shredded and manly he makes training to happy Russian house beats cool with his roars, as well as an incredibly gifted super powerful I'm-not-gonna-give-a-fuck-and-drink-and-drive-and-do-what-I-want tree trunk looking fellow. In a few hours time it'll also have one weakling Canadian with an awesome 'stache . . .


More French LOL

Klokov, Aramnau and Akkaev, what a bad ass selection! And the Dolegas!

I can't imagine what it is in those countrys to qualify for a National comp or China LOL. It would be OBSCENE I bet, you probably need at least 300 as a 69 LOL or even higher considering they have a ridiculous team from 56 to 77 and one good 85 that I know of but it really drops off after that.

Imagine a 330 total as a 69 and YOU DON'T GO ANYWHERE, obscene. 330 is a rock solid total regardless of bodyweight, let alone a 69.



Liao Hui got caught with doping... no problem, China just put two guys with 340 total into worlds...


It's insane the depth that they have...



how tall are you koing?


Ok Koing, that means you have to power snatch at least bodyweight :wink:




lol you mofo!

I haven't PS since I got back. Hit 120 twice and 125 once.

Tork, I'm 5'10.



Ive had to PS more than bodyweight since youve left, many times :stuck_out_tongue:


Still no PS :stuck_out_tongue:



Koing, don't let me down. Need to compete against you in Feb!


There should be a height limit for 105s. Biomechanics is a bitch.


haha. indeeeed!


lol not aware of many sports with a height limit if any?

I don't need to qualify for the 105 as I've done more then 255 for the 105 class. I'll have to make 275 for the British at 105's though. All in due course!



Midget tossing??


Who would you be up against in the 105s?


Ben Watson is moving up to the 105 or so? At the British 93.2 141/150,missed 155
Vasyl Kruk @ 96 did 130/165 missed 135 and 137

There is no one in the 105's.



I was just reading a piece on the IWF website about Wu Jingbiao (56kg champ at worlds this year), and they asked him about Long Qingquan (guy who won 56 at Beijing as a 17 year old, won worlds in '09 and took silver in '10). Apparently Wu would have loved to have faced off against his former teammate again, but Long couldn't make the worlds team this year.


Wu is cool man, he has a nice style about him.

You don't make the next Worlds for making Silver the previous year, crazy :frowning: