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100th Post


Well this is my 100th post. The big one zero zero. It's taken less than a year to get to this remarkable milestone that very few others have the stamina to achieve.

To celebrate I am going to give my copy of Steroid Nation to the 10th T-Nationer that PMs me. I will even pay the postage. No strings attached.

And no I did not need to juice to achieve my success. Just lots of anabolic creatine.

Hurry - this will go fast


my dog farted


Only 2 so far

Dogs don't fart. It was probably you.


My dog only has sbd's.




Why do farts smell......So deaf people can enjoy them to! This is a fart post right


you haven't been around my great dane then, LOL



Culture some E. Coli and you might just think someone farted. :wink:


It took a year to get to 100 posts?



Was thinking just the same.

Oh and just to add - cat farts are worse than dog farts.




Give it up for Stronghold

Hey - no farting in my thread

Thread over



100 Posts, and the OP claims he's only been posting 1 year? Either he's not natural, or he has some crazy genetics.


your parents have been regretting not getting an abortion since they realized you are retarded




where are teh wheels?