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100reps and Max Size

I have just begun Joel Marion’s “Training for Maximal Size”. Because it requires a significant amount of volume in phase 1, and has me training 5-6x per week, I was wondering if performing your 100 reps to bigger muscles routine would be a good idea.

Currently, my chest and biceps are lagging. My legs are very strong for my size, and my whole uppwer body kind of sucks. Especially my arms. So, I was wondering if you would reccomend performing the 100reps routine for chest and biceps while doing “Training for Maximal Size”?

I would do 100reps split into 3-4x per day, using pushups and bicep curls with a LIGHT weight (15lb ez barbell curl, probably, and just my bodyweight for pushups). On workout days that I worked out chest (day 1) I’d do bicep curls, on day 2 (bicep day) I’d do pushups, and on day 3 of training, I’d do both. On my off days, I would also do both (obviously).

What do you think?

Also… what kind of ab work did people do while using this program, or reccomend doing?

I was thinking abs for athletes and babehounds 2k3, on my off day and during one of the other lifting days each week (2x per week total)