100mg Var Ed 8 Weeks

What’s up everyone? I just wanted to throw up a log to document my experience.

I am 31 years old with about three years of serious training experience. I have been recuperating from a traffic accident for about a year now with no lifting. I’m looking to get back into shape. I am 5’10 at 190 with a large frame. My body fat percentage right is about 22%. My ultimate goal is to look good naked.

I plan on doing 45min cardio per day for five days a week with four lifting days a week for 45min each. I also intend to add three Mui Thai or Krav Maga classes a week also.

My calorie intake will range from 2500-3500 per day. I can’t eat all day, so I will get a lot of my protein from shakes.

I will get a lipid profile before and after, and maybe during as well.

Popular opinion tells me that I should run test prop as well, but with my previous injury and body-fat level I am a little hesitant.

My pct will include Nolva.

I will post pics of before and after, but I have quite a few tat’s, so …I dunno… spandex shirt I guess. As soon as I get the test I will post results and begin. Give me a week.

I’m on week 9 now now I think. I’ve currently tapered the dosage down to 50mg for the last week and I will start 20mg of nolva ed for three weeks. I never got the lipid profile but I have been monitoring my blood pressure, and taking flax seed oil to combat bad cholesterol. My blood pressure is usually 140 over 85. -I used to be on three different medications for hypertension until I adjusted my diet and got it under control.

It took about two weeks for the oxandralone kick in and for me to see a difference in my appearance. The first thing that I noticed were that my love handles shrunk and my man tits got flat. My cardio endurance seemed to have increased dramatically and my legs got huge.

After four weeks I noticed that I was no longer what I considered fat, so I cut the cardio down to once a week and I never enrolled in that Krav Maga class. I got extremely painful muscle spasms in my left calve while I slept once or twice, but other than that I don’t think I’ve had any other negative side effects except maybe fatigue. but, I work at night so it’s probably work related.

I find myself more reserved in conflict situations were I was once a hothead, and I seem to be more insecure in my relationship than I once was. I still take no shit though and my old lady is still satisfied.

I feel good. My chest, neck and triceps got bigger and my thighs got huge. Next one will be mast and test.

Do you have before/after pictures? There’ve been a few Var logs posted here recently, and if yours was a success it would be interesting to see your results.

5’10, 190, 22% bf after a year off… I don’t think it would be fair to see his ‘cycle results’, I mean, he’d have seen results just from getting back in the gym.

I’m not trying to be a dick, but someone will use this thread as “I want to run anavar only, look what it did for punkindrublic!”

My thoughts on htpa shut-down is that the var shut me down to an extent but not dramatically. Bones are no problem, and my endurance has improved in everything. I have less desire for constant sex, but I’m still g2g everyday.

My balls seemed massive huge before, and right now there maybe a little larger than half the original size. 1 cap in the morn and another 6-8 hours later. My nuts seem almost full sized the next morning.

I do have before pics of full body shots and could put up a few spot shots afterwords, but I’m a little concerned with privacy issues. My ink is all custom and I don’t live in a tolerant region. When I move I’ll have no issues though.

I have never lived the life of a true body builder. My body has always been used as a rollercoaster rather than a temple. I like it though and I think that I will devote all of my time in the foreseeable future to improving myself.

While a huge motherfucker will probably want to cycle a gram or more of hormones to stay huge and offset the sides by taking countless other things that possibly bring more sides, the average joe would benefit from very little. The fat loss alone is enough to substitute var for clen or ephedrine I think, depending on your goal.